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    We almost went into panic mode when we saw the cut off date had been moved up to the 18th of March. We didn't think we were going to be able to book by then, but we got it done. *Big sigh of relief and a happy dance* This will be our second trip "home" to CN. Our romance rewards account never did get credited with our first stay which was Dec 2010, which is disappointing, but it will not keep us away from our favorite second home. So CN it will be in 268 very long days.
    Everything is irie today.

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    Our first visit was not credited also. I sent a message to the person in charge of the romance rewards with our specific dates of stay. I received an e-mail a few days afterwards saying that our romance points had been credited.

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    Almost missed the date ourselves!! But happy, happy! we made it! Although our wait for CN is only 101 days!

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    We booked our honeymoon yesterday! I'm very excited. This will be my first trip to CN and my first trip to Jamaica! It's only 89 days away!

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    Same thing happened to us. Our first stay was this past Christmas (CN) and a simple email and we got our romance rewards credit. We are leaving for CSA 3 weeks from today. Loved CN but we did the trading places at Christmas and thought we would try CSA this time around.

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    I finally got an e-mail from Couples just last evening. My account was finally credited for our last stay. Yay we are not "Newbies" anymore. I just adore Couples

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