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    Default CN Diving Questions (Schedule + Nitrox)

    Does anyone know the exact times the dive boat goes out at CN? I heard it was 9am for the deep dive (how deep???) and then an afternoon dive (no time given) for the shallow dive. Do they also go out every day? We will be diving 5 days (Sun-Fri) and want to make sure the dive shop isn't closed for any of those days. I know we'll miss out on the Saturday 2-tank dive but still want to get in the 10 dives on the other 5 days; weather permitting.

    Also, does anyone know if they offer Nitrox and what the additional cost would be?


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    Betty your are correct the morning dive is at 9:00 AM you will typically be back on the beach around 11:00 am The morning dive is the deep dive and the deepest you will go at CN will be around 95 feet (The tugboat) if there are a good mix of both OW and AOW divers on the boat they will typically send out two divemasters and 1 will take the OW divers to a less deep dive (around 60-65 feet) whle you go and do your deep dive. The afternoon dive is at 1:30 - back on the beach by 3:30 at the latest - they do this everyday except for Sat. when it is the two tank dive. You can also night dive if you wish (I highly recommend it!!!) you will need a minimum of 4 divers and there is an extra charge of $50.00 per person for each night dive you do, but believe me it is worth it, there are so many more creatures to see on the night dive. CN does not have nitrox yet - but when we were just there Feb 8-22, 2011 I could see that they are gearing up for it,, but with Jamaica time it could be 6 months before they get the new compressor - I am hoping to get nitrox certified when we are there in Feb 2012.


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    Dive boat goes out at 9am and 1:30pm and then if you want a night dive (that's extra), it goes out at dusk (times vary with the seasons). You sign up the day before, but you can sign up for both morning and the afternoon dives on that day.

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    morning dive is at 9am and afternoon dive is 1:30pm
    The depth depends on the diving site (varies each day). The deepest we dove was 60-70 feet. Currents change througout the day and the calmest is during the morning hours. The afternoon can become quite choppy.
    not sure about the nitrox since it wasn't mentioned during our stay. Have fun.

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    Default We are at CN now

    We are at CN now and half way through our 14 day trip. We are diving every day.
    The deep dive is at 9.00a.m.- 60/70 feet and the shallow at 1.30p.m. - 30/40 feet.
    There is no nitrox at CN at this time but we spoke to Brian and he thinks it might happen in the future.
    We are having a fantastic time.
    Ian and Vanda

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    Thanks everyone. It was mentioned that you sign up the day before. Can you not sign up for all 5 days at once? If you have to do every day for the next day; is there a chance they will be full and you miss out?

    How many people per Dive Master? We are both AOW and don't like diving with 14+ divers all together trying to see what the DM is pointing out.

    As for the Nitrox; it may be there in Septemebr but no big deal. 2 dives/day for 5 dives is not alot of diving requiring the Nitrox. Can save that for our DIVE trips; 3-5 dives/day for 6 days.


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    Betty are you going to couples for holiday?

    If so relax and enjoy CN.

    I have now got in over 90 dives with this great team in the four years that I have visted. As an experienced diver, I do not know what your big problemn is about the nitrox.

    If you are a good and experienced diver you should not have to worry about whether you have nitrox or not.

    This dive team of Richard, Sugar, Craig, Shrek, Alain,are more than great. They are the best. They are safe, put up with allot of rude divers,who think they are the best and need nitrox and then hold the rest of dive team up,because they have bouyance problemns, or equlaizations problem. But this dive team will never give up on you. Your dive schedule on how deep you dive depends on who all is diving, and their ability. Just because you are ow, does not make you a good diver, just because you have dived on nitrox does not make you a good diver. So relax! You are on holidays.Sign up every day when you get back from your dive. Why not just try what they have. You might be surprised at how good these guys are.
    Karen From Fairbank Lake Ontario Canada.

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    Default Diving at CN

    You will never have to worry about what the dive master is showing you as they always,make sure everyone gets to see. the visibility is better than in Ontario and you just have to relax and enjoy yourself.

    The dive masters here at CN Sugar, Richard, Craig, Shrek, Alain are the best.

    They put up with allot from people who visit CN and think they are such good divers.

    These guys are the safest dive masters in Jamaica.
    These are are the politest(sorry for the spelling)
    They are the most helpful and have a great sense of humour.

    Enjoy the great dives that they provide for you.

    If you relax and listen to them you will have great dives.
    (When you get there tell them Karen and Doug(from Canada say HI!)

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    A bit harsh, Doug! Betty asked legitimate questions. I do agree with your opinion of the dive staff, however. Betty, usually you sign up for the next day's dive, we may have signed up for a day or two in advance, but even if we didn't we have never been turned away. The number of divers per DM varies, usually no more than 10. If there's more, they normally add a DM. It may depend on when you go. During high season, like now, there may be a bigger demand to dive. At times during hurricane season, there may just be a few divers. It has never been a problem for us. The afternoon dive starts at 1:30. Have a great time. We'll be back to CN in Sept. but in 9 days we'll be diving at CSS!

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    Betty, you'll love the relaxing drift dives at CN - we do. We were there over the Christmas holidays and dove 2x/day everyday except 2 days when the weather was rough and the red flag was out. We paid for 2 night dives to make up for some missed dives and they were fun too. We saw our first octopus (on a night dive) and 2 seahorses during the day, so awesome! Have fun!!

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    Thanks Gary_and_Patti. You answered the questions I asked. When in September will you be at CN?

    Doug was being nasty and Fairbanklk attacked me on another thread too. Why do you guys come here if only to shoot people down for asking questions.

    I have been diving for 25 years and am NOT trying to impress anyone - you especially.

    We just returned from Roatan where we were Nitrox certified. I was just asking if they have it; that's all. No reason to snap back. I never implied I was betteer than anyone. I (that's me persoanlly) find that diving with Nitrox doesn't make me feel as fatigued after several days of diving. No big deal and no impact to you. I was simply inquiring if they have it or not.

    Thanks Ire at CN as I am really excited hearing what a great bunch is at the dive centre. Glad too that CN doesn't have cattle boats. We're also thinking about doing a night dive too.

    Can't wait.


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    Just a tip, the two snippy comments that look to be from two different people above are actually the same couple. Probably the couple that made us miserable diving in December 2009.

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    Default Nitrox


    I agree with all of the comments above saying the dive team at CN is the best, because they are.

    I am far from an advanced diver, but I got my nitrox certification for one reason. I donít need an afternoon nap after diving when I use nitrox, and I would gladly pay extra for it.

    I donít have to tell you to have a great time at CN because I know you will!

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    We only dive on vacation and for us, that means Couples. This will be our 4th trip to CN.

    CTI, CSS and CN (haven't been to CSA) each have the best staff in all areas of the resorts, dive staff included! We are so confident in their abilities to keep us safe and secure that we don't look for any place else to go on vacation. For us, CN is the place to be, but we love CTI and CSS too.

    Yep, the diving does tire us out but we use the beach to relax between dives and then after the 1:30 dive also. We tend to go back to the room to relax soon after dinner because we don't want to miss the next day's dives.

    Betty, have a great time, we'll be back in April to enjoy the diving, the food, the beach and ...did I mention the diving?! Write when you get back, we'd love to know what your feelings are on CN.

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    Thanks Shelspaur. I heard on another board that these two "lovely" people are actually husband & wife. Double whammy of negativity. Now that I know - I know to ignore anything they say.

    IowaFan: Thanks for understanding the reason for Nitrox. I'm not 25 anymore and it catches up with me when I do multiple dives for multiple days and I don't want to cut back on the number of dives I do as I only dive twice a year on vacation.

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    We'll be there from 9/2-11. But we are headed to CSS Thrusday!

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    Hey Ian.

    Nice to see you on the board again, although I'm a bit jealous that you are back at CN diving and I'm sitting here in Wisconsin with ice still covering all of our ponds! I still remember the great times we had diving a couple of years ago (hard to believe it was that long ago), and look at the videos you shot often. Glad to hear that Vanda is enjoying her diving and certification she got the week we were there.

    We made it to CSA last year and enjoyed the resort/diving as much as there as CN. We have reservations for a split trip to CTI/CSS next year....wanted to try the other side of the island. It'll be hard to beat the wonderful resorts and dive crews in Negril, but we wanted to give it a try. From what I read on the message board, I expect that it will all be good.

    Well, good to see your name on the MB. Hope your trip is going well.

    Tallman (aka Greg)

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    Hi Greg
    Good to hear from you. We are back in England now but had a fantastic time at CN - we both did 23 dives each.
    Vanda has now done 92 dives since Sugar (Karl) certified her amazingly only 2 years ago. (we did 3 Egypt dive trips last year too)
    I will be interested in how you rate the CSS/CTI diving in comparison with CN/CSA.
    Very best wishes.
    Ian and Vanda

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