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    Default CSA Anniversary Party 2009

    Can't seem to find the thread of who will be there for the party in October. We will be at CSA from Oct.1-11. Lets start a list of all couples who are going to be in Paradise during this time. We'll begin the list--can't wait to return home. Also need to
    have a Meet and Greet Party. ,,,

    1.Gladys and Harry- 10/1-10/11--Kentucky
    2.Jan and Jack-10/1-10/11--Idaho

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    Mark and April - 10/3-10/10--Alabama

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    Richard & Brenda sept26-oct12-Toronto, Renewing vows for our 10th anniversary

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    Default Linda and Mike

    We will be at CSA for the anniversary party. We were there last year. The food was unreal. Lots of variety and lots of it. The entertainment was also really good. We couldn't believe that they set everything up for the party in less than 24 hours. Including the big stage etc..

    Linda and Mike 10/7 - 10/13 Maryland

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    Casey & Zach Sept 27th to Oct 1st
    Carthage, MO

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    Carleigh and Adam- 10/9-10/16, from Michigan and getting married on our first trip to CSA on the 12th!

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    Wayne and Lillian Sept28- Oct.6

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    Bob and Wendy 10/9-10/14
    Virginia Beach Va

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    Hi Richard and Brenda my wife and I will arrive the same day you guys will and will be there till the sixth. Not as long as you but we hope to meet you guys there. COUNTING DOWN 33 DAYS LEFT!!!!

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    Hey Wayne see ya next week

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    where do you find details on this anniversary party? we'll be there on oct 5-12

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    Wayne and Lillian happy Friday to the both of you,30 more days until we return home to paradise.We cant wait to meet all of you.Did I mention that it's only 30 days.

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    m'lady Sue and I will be there for the party. Oct 8-12. no place better for a weekend getaway than Swept Away.

    Sue and Randy, Illinois

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