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    Default August 2011 ROLL CALL!

    Names: Chris, Heather

    Ages: 33,31

    How many times to CSA: This is the first

    Trip dates: Aug 17th to the 24th

    Room type: Beachfront Verandah Suite

    Reason for trip: 10th Anniversary

    Where you from: Kansas City, MO

    What you're looking forward to most: A week away from the kids with no worries.

    Will you go A/N during your trip? Not unless I can't handle my liquor.

    Drink you're looking forward to: I am hoping they have Woodford Reserve or Makers Mark at least. But I am willing to try some other beach drinks!?!

    Kids: 2

    Pets: Big Yellow Labrador

    Level of excitement (1 - 10): Is this really a question?

    Add a photo if you like:
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    We will be there July 30th - August 6th

    It will be 12 of us - ages vary

    My third time to CSA but first time for all others

    My son's wedding on August 3rd!!!

    I'm from Kansas City (Lees Summit)

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    Names: Mike, Mandy

    Ages: 31,31

    How many times to CSA: This is our first

    Trip dates: Aug 5th - 12th

    Room type: Beachfront Verandah Suite

    Reason for trip: Honeymoon

    Where you from: California

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    Names: Cam & Tara

    Ages: 35 & 36

    How many times to CSA: First time

    Trip dates: July 30 - Aug 13

    Room type: great house veranda suite

    Reason for trip: Anniversary

    Where you from: Calgary, Ab

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    Default August

    Names: Matt and Steph

    Ages: 31 and 25

    Third time to CSA 7/2009, 12/2010, 8/2011

    Travel dates: Not for sure the exact dates but it will be between the first and third week of August.

    Room type: We have to go with the Atrium this time! Last two trips stayed in a Garden Verandah

    Reason for trip: Husband got an unexpected promotion.

    We are from Topeka, KS

    Level of excitement: I'm at an 8 right now husband is at a 10! I'm sure I will get more excited once everything is booked and confirmed.
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    I dont know why our photo did not show up before but here it is.

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    Names: Amanda and Adam

    Ages: 24 & 25

    First time to CSA

    Travel dates: 8/3 thru 8/10

    Room type: Atrium suite!

    Reason for trip: Husband will be home from deployment

    We are from Cleveland Ohio, Live in Norfolk VA

    Level of excitement: I'm definetly at a 100 My husband is not as excited right now. Its not really real to him yet. But I know deep down he's just as excited as me!

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    Dang.... the way its looking by way of this thread ... We may have the resort all to ourselves!

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    My soon to be wife and i will be there for the first time aug 16-22 for our honeymoon. We are staying in the oceanfront veranda. We are both 27 and from the midwest. Any advice for us? What to bring or not to bring? What to expect or not to expect?

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    99 days and counting for us!

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    Hi everyone,

    We are Mike and Lisa from New Waverly Texas. It's a pretty small town just north of Houston. We will be doing a split stay starting at CSA from 8/2 thru 8/8 then transfering to CSS from 8/8 thru 8/14. We are staying in a BFVS at CSA and a Penthouse suite at CSS. Celebrating our 24th wedding aniversary. We are 46 and 43, time has been kind to us but I know I'm starting to feel it. This is our first time to either Couples resort. My wife has never been to Jamaica but I was there 6 1/2 years ago working at the "S" place in Negril for a week when it was under construction then moved over to Ocho Rios for another week when they added on the newer section there. I have always wanted to bring my wife and show her this wonderful island. After doing some research and coming across this message board, I ditched the idea of going back to the "S" place and showing her where I had worked. I'll just point at it when we go by. Couples and the people on here are definitly a closer fit for us. Looking forward to the trip. See ya in 10/11 weeks!!

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    Default The Couples 6 Pack headed CSA 19-28 Aug 2011

    Hello all....Greg here. Headed to CSA 19-28 August. Will be 3 couples...........................also known as
    "The 6 Pack".
    We have vacationed together at couples in 2005 (CTI), 2006 and 2007(CN), 2008 (CSA), 2009 (CSA), 2010 (CN).
    Were all in late 40's on our birth certificate but 20's in our hearts.
    Jay and Jennifer from New Jersey (aka Treasurer on message board), Dawn and Howard from New Jersey (aka CIA Agent) and Greg and his gal friend Kris from Texas (aka Six pack Aholic).
    Ironically I made my first trip to couples in 2004 to CN. In 2005 My ex and myself met Jay-Jen-Dawn-Howard on message board and at CTI and became life long friends. Not only is couples the greatest place vacation but you meet awesome people there and some become close as family. I'm single now but returning for her second year with me will be my high school crush Kris. Keep a look out for us in August along with another couple we met and see every year from New Jersey..."Pat & Fred". Stop by and see us on the beach and we'll buy the drinks...YO MON !!!!!!!!
    I would post pics of us all except I can't figure it

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    Hi all,

    This will be our first time to Couples and Jamaica, its is also our Honeymoon (woo hoo) we get married in england on the 6th August and arrive in CSA 7th August for 8 nights.
    We are staying in Great House Jacuzzi Suite (Hope it lives up to the hype).
    After CSA we go to Las Vegas for 3 nights @ the Bellagio.
    So we hope to chill and eat and drink as much as possible meet new people and then no sleep in Vegas.
    See ya=ou at the swim up bar

    Roman & Allie x

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    Name:  Copy of P8030012.jpg
Views: 680
Size:  18.2 KBName: Tim & Karen

    Ages: 51,53

    How many times to CSA: This will be four (two at CTI)

    Trip dates: July 25 to Aug 5

    Room type: Atrium (so we can stay 11 nights)

    Reason for trip: Annual event to celebrate Karens birthday

    Where you from: St Louis, MO

    What you're looking forward to most: Laying on the beach and scuba diving.

    Will you go A/N during your trip? if that is all nude, Nope not here.

    Drink you're looking forward to: Me: Absolute & Ting. Her: Dirty Banana

    Kids: 3

    Pets: Two Boxers

    Level of excitement (1 - 10): Is this really a question?

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    Hi There!

    We will be there August 25th -31st!

    Eli and Fran from Colorado Springs, CO. Ages 44 and 51

    This is our 4th time to Jamaica - 1st time to Swept Away...staying in the BFVS and can't wait!!!

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    Hey timba we'll be there for my son's wedding and they live in STL, we're all going out of STL on July 30th. The wedding is on the 3rd, if you see us say hello to fellow Missourians!!

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    Hey Greg, We've started the countdown? So looking forward to another fabulous vacation, and seeing the famous "Six Pack"!!!

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    We will be there august 14-20!!! We are celebrating our first anniversary.

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    Bay Breeze !!!!!!!!!!!! aka Pat & Fred....Kris and myself will be at Treehouse Hotel night of Thursday the 18 August just like last year and we will check in morning of 19 August at CSA all refreshed after our long day of travel on Thursday. I really like flying in a day early and over nighting at hotel to rest up ...that way our first day at resort we get to enjoy the full day without being worn out from night at hotel is cheap so WTH...Maybe this year we will be able to meet up at the Tree house Hotel bar for beer on Thursday night and maybe a quick trip to Jimmy B's. as well Jay-Jen-Dawn & Howard will be arriving on Saturday so it just be Kris and I Friday night sipping martini's and munchin on lobsters with you and Fred. Can't wait to see you guys...hated we never hooked up last year....I think we both were to drunk on Thursday night to meet at the hotel next door to Oh well...This year we'll all be at CSA together....instead of 6 pack, it'll be the 8 pack or the Jersey 6 with the 2 Texas Bad influances....lmao....It'll definatly be party. CN was so dead last year compared to years before. It just doesn't have the party atmospere no more.....but CSA does and it's party time....C'mon August

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    Ooops Posted on wrong board, moved it to CN meetups
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    Hey Greg, Looking forward to seeing you too! We arrive CSA August 16, so give us a call when you get to Negril. We'll be ready for a party!!

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    Names: John and Melanie
    Ages: 32,30

    How many times to CSA: This is our first

    Trip dates: Aug 29th - Sep 5th

    Room type: Beachfront Verandah Suite

    Reason for trip: Honeymoon

    Where you from: Cincinnati, Ohio

    We're ready to party!!

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    Names: Keith & Lynn

    Ages: 57 & 53

    How many times to CSA: This is our second time and can't wait

    Trip dates: August 26 to Sept. 3

    Room type: Garden Verandah Suites

    Reason for trip: Celebrating our 32nd anniversary and also Lynn's birthday

    Where you from: Hillsborough New Jersey

    What you're looking forward to most: Meeting great people and just "Going Home"!!

    Will you go A/N during your trip? Nope ..

    Drink you're looking forward to: "Trouble"

    Kids: 2...both married

    Pets: Mr. Harley..a yorkie

    Level of excitement (1 - 10): 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Add a photo if you like:

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    Hi there,
    me and my husband will be there august 3-10.
    losing count on the stays, but i think this will be our 20th or 21st stay....
    Super excited as if it were our first stay!
    Love the older rooms that are original to the property!
    Reason for going? do you need one? LOL
    Drink i AVOID: bob marley shots
    big "D"
    Cant wait to see old friends, meet new ones, and enjoy the sun, water, and sand!

    christie and jason

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    Name:  Sailing2010.jpg
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Size:  44.9 KB
    We'll be celebrating our 31st anniversary Aug. 16-30 at CSA. This will be our 7th trip to a Couples resort, and our 8th trip to Jamaica. We are from Jackson, NJ, and can't wait until August!
    Pat and Fred

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