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    Default February 2012

    We know it is almost a year away, but we are booked to return to CSS for our 6th visit - woohoo!!

    We will be there from 18th February to 3rd March 2012 and I (Alli) will be celebrating my 40th birthday on 22nd February

    We've been home for just over a week from our 5th visit to CSS where and I can safely say there is no better place to spend a birthday (having celebrated my 39th whilst there!)

    Anybody else booked so far in advance??

    Alli and Robbie (Slough, UK)

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    Hi friends...So happy to know you two are still enjoying CSS.
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    We will be there as well!! Feb. 18 - 25! We have never been to CSS, our last trip was to CN but we are sooooo looking forward to it!!

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    We were just at CSS Feb 4 - 18, 2011. We loved it. The staff and service were amazing! A shout out to all the staff!

    We are just making plans to go in 2012. We are going to be in Jamaica to celebrate my father's 90th birthday! Going to be a family reunion in Montego at the same time. We are going to split the time between Couples and the reunion! Just have to get the dates straight!
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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    Has anyone else booked for Feb 2012? We are also contemplating a "Secret Rendevous" for this trip, as The resorts are all equally equidistant to Mo' Bay where the reunion is. We absolutely love CSS, but we do need to give the other Couples Resorts their fair chance. We will definitely miss the incredible staff at CSS, who did everything within their positions to make us feel FANTASTIC!
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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    My husband and I will be there from Feb. 26th - Mar. 4th. Our first stay at a Couples resort and our first trip to Jamaica. We'll be celebrating my 30th birthday on the 28th!

    We were having a hard time choosing between the resorts until we found a great deal on a 1 bedroom ocean suite at CSS that fit our travel dates perfectly.

    Looking forward to lounging on the beach, snorkeling and maybe visiting the A/N beach

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    Our returning group (me, my SO, his sister and her SO, all from upstate NY) is checking out CN from Feb 27-Mar 2 and then heading back home to CSS from Mar 2 - Mar 6th. The March meetup thread has more later in the month, but we have some overlap so hope to see you there. We'll be the crew keeping the watersports guys busy from scuba to sailing!

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    We will be at CSS for a week starting February 13th. Our second trip, and can't decide whether to go to the jewellery store or the beach first!

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    Chrissy's 50th birthday. We'll be there with friends Feb. 28th

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    My husband and I will be there Feb. 21-28, we will celebrating our 10th anniversary on the 23rd. This will be our first trip to Couple's and first to Jamaica.....we are so excited and cannot wait! We booked a 1 bedroom ocean suite, and look forward to meeting some new people too!

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    Adding Sandy and Keith to the list :-) who are my mum and dad

    They will be with us from 18th to 25th February

    We've got a lot to celebrate - mum and dad have been married for 40 years (August 2011) , I turn 40on 22nd February 2012 and my dad will be 70 in November 2012

    Just over 21 weeks to wait - but who's counting!!

    Alli x

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    My wife and I will be there with other couples Feb 4th to the 11th, 2012

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    We will be there Feb 1-7. This will be our 2nd time to CSS and 3rd time to Couples. Only four months to go! Can't wait to get back to SSB now that the weather has officially turned to fall.

    Ben & Sandy

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    We'll be there the same dates as you. This will be the second visit for us and the first time (last March) we never left SSB the entire time. You will love it!! See you in 4 1/2 short months.

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    We arrive Feb 21st for 11 nights, first time at SS and looking forward to meeting new friends!

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    Wife and I will be returning Feb25th- March 3rd. We were there the same week this year celebrating our upcoming 25th anniversary (sept 20th). Alli I am pretty sure I remember your husband was pretty good at water volleyball over at SSB. I surprised my wife on our anniversary with this other bookend to our year long celebration. Looking forward to actually talking to more folks at SSB this time around. We are both pretty shy but everyone there that we talked with were super friendly!

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    110 days and counting!! Super excited to come back home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by robandchrissy View Post
    Chrissy's 50th birthday. We'll be there with friends Feb. 28th
    We will be there on the 28th just in time to help celabrate Chrissy Birthday.Brenda and Paul

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    Doing the double digit dance

    99 days!! or 14 weeks until we are back in Paradise

    Can't wait to show my mum and dad the wonderful place that is CSS

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    We hope to be there between 2/17-24/12. It will be our 3rd trip to CSS and 10th+ trip to Jamaica!

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    Hi Alli and Robbie.
    Carol (originally from Southend on Sea) and I will be at CSS from Feb 23/12 - March 8/12. We usually go to Mexico in the spring but this will be our first time to both CSS and Jamaica. Can hardly wait. Sorry we'll miss your party. Will "buy" you a drink :-)
    John & Carol (Toronto, Canada)

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    We will be there February 4-12. Our first trip to San Souci was in the early 2000's. We have many great memories, but are anxious to see if the resort has changed. It is such a beautiful place!

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    One month to go! 30 days today! 4 weeks on Saturday!

    Can you tell I'm excited

    I am so looking to going "home" to CSS and seeing all our Couples family!

    Watch out - the mad Brits are coming and are bringing reinforcements

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    My wife and I will be there Feb 8-15. This will be our first trip to a Couples but we used to go to GLB.

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