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    Is the wi-fi service good at CSA? We would like to know if it is worth it to bring our laptop or not. Last time we just used the resort's computers to communicate with family back home. But if the wi-fi service works well in the rooms, etc. it would be really convenient. Any info on this would be great![[/FONT]

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    Wi-fi reception has varied each trip for us. One time it will work great and the next time spotty. Two years ago I could connect with my iPhone on the beach and rooms but last year the only reception was in the lobby, even the computer room was dead for wi-fi.
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    We had a BVFS and had great service both on the verandah and in the room. Initially we had trouble connecting for some reason but once we got on it was great and fast. We posted pics to our facebook pages for our friends and family to see almost everyday and I even chatted with my family a couple times as they happened to be on when I was posting pics...didn't intend to keep in touch as we don't have kids but it turned out to be kinda fun sitting on my verandah enjoying the Jamaican sun and chatting with my family back in the cold weather. We'll take the laptop again next time, the computer room at the resort was very nice and we went there to do our pre-checkin with the airline so we could print our boarding passes but having the laptop right in the room was really convenient.

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    Hi Cheri, I brought my netbook with me the past 2 years & the wi-fi is great! We stay in the beachfront suite(old section)& had 2 different locations, one close the Palms & one close to the "new" section. The signal was strong in both areas. It was great being able to check my emails in the morning while sitting on the veranda with my coffee & fresh fruit then again, after the beach, with a cocktail. I know, I was on 'vacation', BUT... you have to do what you have to do! So if you need to check in on regular basis, I would bring it. We're booked for next January & I still get as excited as I was on our 1st trip! HAVE A WONDERFUL VACATION! Cindy

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    WiFi from the Atriums was fine on our netbook last year...

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    They'll ask you at checkin if you want wifi -- and can place you in a room to maximize your signal. When we were there at the end of January, we had a wifi repeater doo-dad right off our veranda (Beachfront suite)

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