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    Hi! My fiance and I will be at CSS in June for the first time for our honeymoon, and I am currently growing out my hair for the wedding. However, I am so tired of it being long, and I want to get it chopped off as soon as possible. Has anyone gotten a hair cut at the spa before, and did you like it?


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    My husband has had his hair cut at the salon on various trips and has loved it every time. I think they do an excellent job at the salon at CN and I can only imagine it is good at CSS as well. I can't speak from a female's point of view on the haircut. I have had hair braiding and updo's done before, which I have been very happy with, but not a haircut.

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    OK... so I'm a guy... but I HAVE used the sartorial skills of the staff at SweptAway's spa a number of times... they do a fine job. Go for it!

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    Thank you for answering! I think I will!

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    The girls in the salon (Alicia, Judith and Tessa) are fantastic

    I haven't had my hair cut there, but my partner (Robert) has and Judith has done it for him both times. She did a fantastic job!

    We got back from CSS just over a week ago and I miss it, especially the staff so much

    Please tell all the girls and boy (Kenny) in the salon and spa that we said hello!

    Allison and Robert

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