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    Default CTI Wedding in October 2011 anyone else?

    Hello everyone! My faience and I are getting married Oct 22nd at CTI! We are so excited! I can't wait! We haven't decided where on the property yet but we have a time picked out at 11am. Hopefully that will be enough time for me to get my hair and makeup done at the salon. We're staying from Oct 17 to the 27th.

    Anyone else going to be there when we are? I'd love to chat with you and maybe we can bounce some ideas off of each other!?

    Does anyone else have their dress yet?

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    Hi, Congratulations! My husband and I will be renewing our vows Oct 8 for our 10 year anniversary! Wish we were there at the same time. Enjoy your special day!

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    To bad we miss each other. Have a great time renewing your vows. I'm pretty excited!

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    Congratulations, myself and Catriona will be coming over from Scotland from 18 Oct for 2 weeks, its our anniversary on the 21s and Catrionas birthday on the 27th

    You could get married on the Island and then not have to worry about what to wear, LoL!

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    LOL yeah I could just imagine showing our parents the pictures from the ceremony...or come to think of would be creepy with my parents being there and my brother LMAO. I did finally get my dress its really beachy I and I think it fits me to a T!

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    Well congratulations to you both at your wedding that was down on the beach this morning. I'm sorry there was no-one on the Island to moon you all when you went past on the Catermaran but they closed the Island early due to a wedding this evening

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    ha ha ha I'm happy nobody was able to moon us!!! LOL And great seeing you there. We should hook up on facebook so I can show you some pictures!

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