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    Default CSS suite question

    Hi all,

    We stayed at CSS last year in a Beachfront Suite and liked it very much; it was close to the Beach Bar, pool, and Sunset Beach, and we like the walk-in shower. This year, we thought we'd try the Penthouse Suite. Can anyone give me info on the Penthouse Suites, how they compare with the Beachfront Suites, and their experience with the room quality and view? Yes, I know they are much further from the Beaches, but the view looks great (at least in the photos)

    Much thanks in advance.


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    chrisnsue - Last year we stayed in the Roger Moore Penthouse Suite, D 20, and loved it so much more than the Beachfront Suite we stayed in the trip before. Beautiful big room, very large deck with table, 4 chairs, and 2 padded lounge chairs, with a wonderful view. This year we stayed in a One Bedroom Ocean Suite, G 8, and liked it even better than the Penthouse Suite. It had a better room layout, and a better view, with the same large balcony having table, 4 chairs and 2 padded lounge chairs. The views from the Beachfront Suites are like a great view from any other resort, but the views from G block are so unique and beautiful, we will never go back to A or B blocks again! Send us an e-mail if you'd like to, and we'll send you pictures of D20 and G 8, along with the views from each, and a more detailed description of the rooms.

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    Hi Chris,
    My husband and I have been fortunate enough to stay in Penthouse Suites for both of our trips to CSS. On our first trip we were given the Steve McQueen Suite in D Block. It was amazing! We had a huge balcony that over looked the main beach and the main lawn. The balcony also had a sofa, coffee table, 2 loungers and a table for dining with 4 chairs. We also had a huge walk in shower plus a powder room of the living room that really came in handy when getting ready. We loved that suite!

    On our second visit, we got the Frangipani Suite in E-12. It was a lovely room too, with a bit smaller balcony but an unobstructed view of the sea and the Mineral Pool. We were also just a few steps away from the Balloon Bar which was quite handy! I will admit it was a bit noisy with the nightly entertainment from the Balloon Bar, but on many nights my husband and I danced the night away on our balcony with a bottle of champagne. We had a great week.

    We love the Penthouses and they will be our room level of choice for all our trips back to CSS. We will be home again in July and I can't wait to find out what Penthouse Suite we get!!!!

    Safe travels and RESPECT,

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    If you like cliffs, you'll love, love the penthouse! BFS are right at the lawn area. You can watch the gala being setup there...pretty cool, as well.
    I loved the huge balcony. Hubby loves the loungers. Had lots of privacy. Hubby likes to be up above the first floor & be able to see the ocean & chill on the patio/balcony.
    I'd definitely get a PH next time, tho hubby now says he didn't care for CSS. He won't give me specifics, just that :dunno: Maybe it was all those steps! haha

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