Now that the separation sickness has finally passed, I can write this. Two weeks ago, we were at our "home" at CN. We stayed for six nights - it was an incredible stay! As always, the staff provided us with another magical stay that ended much too quickly. The food, drinks, room and vibes were all just right for us to become the only lovers in the world. Thank you Randymon for your help, and congratulations to the entire Couples organization for a job well done.

After spending 7 wonderful days in paradise, though, we went to Montego Bay to stay a few nights in another AI. Man, has Couples spoiled us! From the rooms, to the food, to the staff, there is no comparison. None. Couples truly does create an atmosphere that is romantic, fun, and totally care free - an atmosphere where the love of my life can be my only thought and desire.

Yes, we paid less to stay in Mobay than CN. But the value of our dollar is so much more at CN. In the future, we will be very wary of straying from our beloved CN. Once you have been spoiled by Couples, nothing else will do.

Again, thank you Couples! We are already trying to figure a way to go home again next year!

One Love!