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    Default let me know please

    my husband and i are visiting couples negril in july. we are staying in a deluxe garden suite. are the suites located nearest of the beach area? and do i need a plug adapter for the bathroom and what kind?

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    no power adapter required if you are traveling from the U.S.

    it's all about the kids

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    Go to the Negril Resort web page and look at the aerial pictures. You will see the outlay of the resort and see that no room is far from anything. The Garden Suites are not the closest to the beach, the Beachfront Suites are, but as I said, no room is far from the beach. Perhaps a 1 minute walk at the longest.

    Which country are you coming from? If US then you won't need an adapter.

    Take a look on the left-hand side of this page and scroll down to the FAQ section. Click on that and read. I think it will answer many of the questions that you have including the electrical question.
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    The Garden Suites do not face the ocean and no adapter is needed.
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    we are coming from the states! sorry.

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