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    Default We're almost ready, again.

    We turned the clocks ahead this week-end, that can only mean one thing.
    The days will be getting longer as we get closer to spring,
    But more importantly, there is something else that will be arriving,
    A wonderful trip to a far away place, and we don't have to do any driving.
    The day we all board the huge flying machine, and get to stow our gear,
    Then just sit back and enjoy the ride, and soon it will bring us near,
    To an island in the Caribbean ocean that many of us have come to love,
    Regardless of who or what we are, the location fits us all like a glove.
    For seven or ten or fourteen days, we all feel like queens and kings,
    We play on the beach, dine on scrumptious food, it all makes our hearts sing.
    Long before the actual trip is to begin, we read of others who have gone before,
    When our time finally arrives, we leave our homes and lock the doors.
    Off on another great adventure, it may be your first or perhaps you are a repeater,
    But one think is true of all who go, there is nothing any sweeter.
    Old friends we will see again, and new ones we will make,
    The lure of the tropics is stunning for all, and you just can't make a mistake.
    Couples is ready to welcome us home, from where ever we all have come from,
    The feelings are pure exhilaration, better than you senior prom.
    So continue to count the days you have left, before it's your time on the bus,
    One thing is for sure, of all who arrive, a super time will be guaranteed for all of us.
    I continue to count each day as it fades into night, and there is no question in my mind,
    That once we are there, nothing else matters, happiness and enjoyment we will find

    thirty-nine and going down


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    Well put Richie! We will be back home in less than 9 months but the anticipation keeps me going like it's tomorrow. Once you're bitten by the Couples bug there's no remedy except looking forward to your next return home.

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