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    Hi - on the activities page for CSS there is an 11 p.m. trip to Margaritaville on the Monday schedule. I know that the CN Margaritaville trip left around 7 p.m. Does anyone know if this is the only Margaritaville trip?

    Also on the Monday schedule is "sunset hour" at the an beach from 5-6. What is this?



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    Sunset Hour is when you can go over with your clothes on to watch the sunset.

    And yes, the Margaritaville trip typically leaves between 10p and 11pm and it's once a week.
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    My wife and I got married at CSS and just got home on 8/3. You're going to love it there. I didn't want to leave and that was after 11 days. We didn't go on the Margaritaville trip cause we got married on Monday, but did see the guests waiting in the lobby for it, which was around 7pm.
    The sunset hour, I believe, is that after 5:30, you can go on the AN beach clothed. From here you can watch the sunset over the ocean. From the main beach the sun goes behind some trees.
    You're going to have a blast, and tell Cohen at water sports Adam and Raina said what's up.

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    Not sure about the Margaritaville trip as we didn't take it, but the "sunset hour" is when clothed folk are allowed at the an beach to take pictures of the sunset. Sometimes there's a sax player there as well.


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