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    Default Can it be November now?? Please?

    Maybe a countdown clock on my PCs (including work!) isn't such a good idea...

    Just watching the seconds ssslllooowwwlllyyy tick by, waiting for the number of days to decrease by one more, is just getting to me...

    It's going to be our first time in Jamaica, our first time at an all-inclusive, our first vacation that we haven't planned every hour of every day, our first trip to restaurants fancier than Outback, our first visit to an au natural beach (Tower Isle, unless we visit a local nudist campground first) A lot of firsts for us.

    Reading the wonderful things posted here about the resort, the people, the staff, I want to go NOW!

    233 days, 00 hours, 24 minutes, 15 seconds to the plane (hopefully) touching down in Jamaica...


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    Sometimes, the longer you wait for a very special moment, can only
    the overall experience. Throughout the long empty days that
    you from the magic of what is to be, can be spent dreaming and wondering of what
    will arrive.
    Keep reading the MB. Live vicariously through all who come before. Imagine, if you can, that after those 233 days pass, the two of you will be having breakfast in the main dining room. Spending hours on the beach, frolicking in the warm Caribbean waters or just lying on your lounge chair being warmed by the tropical sun.
    All of that will add much to your eventual enjoyment at this premiere resort. I
    you that you will not be


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    Default My Spin

    I always think that today, Saturday 03/12/11 there is someone at the resort that is going home....and I haven't even arrived yet and won't be arriving for 236 days or so give or take a few hours.

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