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    Default Romance rewards, just curious

    I'm just curious... we've never been to Couples before but are planning a split trip in May. So if we sign up before we go, spend the 7 days at CSA and then transfer to CSS for our last 5 nights do we receive the first tier benefits of being "repeaters" or does there need to be some break between your visits?

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    No, they won't apply till your next visit, sorry, but once you go, you'll never go anywhere else, have fun : )

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    Actually, others have done this same thing and gotten credit for the nights at the first resort. You will have to call Couples ahead of time to work it out though because generally it takes several weeks for your nights to be credited to your Romance Rewards account...this would be after you've returned home. To make this work out in your situation you'll need to call Couples so they are aware that you'll be a "repeater" at your second location...CSS.

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    Actually Jkvanloo ~ you WILL be considered a repeater at CSS. There are no requirements to wait a certain amount of time before you are considered a repeater. Just remember to pre-register for both CSA and CSS and give them your RR number upon check-in and you will be fine. Check out the Repeater's Dinner at CSS, it is fabulous!!!
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Default great!

    Great! Thanks for answering. I would really like to check out that repeaters dinner. I hear a lot of great things about it!

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