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    Default Early booking bonus question

    We live in Northern Ontario and it is quite expensive for us to fly to Toronto.. so we are really limited in our choices.
    Does anyone know if that early booking bonus will be available? I see that it ends at the end of March and there is no way that we can book our return home that early. I think last year the prices were not out until May.


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    HI Jamaicandaisy - and all Canadians:

    I just sent the 2012 rates to Canadian tour operators yesterday. You will be entitled to the same $300 resort credit of stays of 7 nights or more. Give the operators a few days to load their systems.

    Couples Resorts

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Really appreciate it... (again)
    have a great weekend!

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    This is our dilemma as well. The packages for 2012 still won't be put together for some time. I usually can't get rates for Jan until at least late May. Last year we had until the end of July to book which worked out so well. For us, it is more than just the rates too. Prices jump all over the board in Canada and can fluctuate dramatically. Then, we have to co-ordinate with 3 other couples in the US on the dates we are going. Don't even get me started on the "which Couples will we do this year question!"

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    I'm in Northern Ontario too! We just booked for October but only booked the room with the good deal ending March 18th and are waiting later for our flights. Plus I think we're just going to drive to Ottawa and fly from there.

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    I just checked rates for January 2012 from Toronto. If I were to book CN today, for 2 weeks, it would cost us $12686. You just cannot book this early from Canada.

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    We too live in Northern Ontario and are booking our 5th trip to CSA for next March. We will book only the room portion of the trip and then book the airfare separately when we see a good deal on flights. Have done this before and it worked fine. Last year was not so much of a problem as the resort credit early booking bonus didn't expire until the end of June so we were able to book flights and resort together. I am gambling that the airlines won't make major changes to their days of the week that they fly into Montego Bay so everything should be OK to book flights later.

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    Do you book directly though Couples if you dont mind me asking?

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    We used to use a travel agent but for our last trip I booked directly with Couples. The option of having a payment plan was great. We found the staff at the Couples Main Office were extremely helpful with making payment arrangements. We had a small issue with names on our flight bookings and they even took care of that for us with the airlines. Will for sure be booking the resort portion directly with Couples again.

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    Hi Randymon

    Not sure if this has been asked before but are the early booking offers, eg "$300 resort credit for stays of 7 nights or more" also applicable to UK bookings, or do they only apply to US/Canada bookings?

    We always book early and in time to qualify for early booking offers but so far have never received any resort credits, should we have enquired at the resort in order to receive these?

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Mad about tennis

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    I think that's the idea. To book just your room portion now and get the airfare later. My husband & I booked our resort stay directly with Couples last year in March. We r not traveling until Sept. 2011. We wanted to get the $500 resort credit so, now we have started pricing the airfare. I usually like to get all my stuff at once but, this way we locked into a really good price and a bigger resort credit then they r offering for 2012. And of course if u book this year for this year u don't get a resort credit at all. So, it does have it advantages.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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