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    Unfortunately we just returned from CSS. We have done the cruise thing and I was very disappointed in the all inclusive cruise which didn't cover drinks, tips, any off ship excursions and the never changing view of water. I was very nervous about our first trip to Jamaica and CSS. Upon checking in at the airport my nerves started to ease. By the time the bellhop showed us to our room and got us situated I was in tears! I was already in awe of this spectacular place. The staff really seems to care about you. EVERY staff member was friendly and would do what ever they could to help you get the most out of your vacation. I wish I could go back every couple of weeks. I have been back to work 5 days now and everyone is probably tired of hearing how awesome this vacation was. My wife and I are both busy recruiting other couples to join the Couples experience. To everyone thinking cruise vs Couples, ditch the cruise idea and just go have the time of your life at Couples. For those of you curious about Sunset Beach I have attached a photo of the young chicks and the big cock right there with them. In all seriousness SSB was not as intimidating as we thought it would be. If you wanted to be left alone that was easy to accomadate. We just stayed on the beach area away from others the first couple of days then worked our way into the pool area where we started to talk with other couples. people there seemed more easy going and friendly than they were on the textile beach. Do yourselves a favor and mingle with the other couples over at SSB, it will make your day/vacation so much brighter!
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    Love the pictures. We were there in December and those chicks were quite little then. They still seem to be doing fine. Glad your stay was great. On our first vistit I was hesitant about SSB also, now I am the first to want to get there. Seems that happens a lot. Welcome to the SSB family.

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