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    Hubby and I are 1 week from our vaca @ CSS! and i have a couple of ?.. Do we need to bring a convertor for our electric devices ie: chargers, flat iron etc.. do verizon phones have service there? I have an 8 month old that is going to be staying at grandparents so Im sure I will want to call frequently. If not what calling card would you recommend. Should I get one before I leave the states or get one there? I have been packing all week and scouring the MB for tips of what to bring and I think I am GTG.. Im sure I have packed way to many clothes.. lol UW camera, off, lots of sunscreen, meds for tummy and headaches and so on.. March 19-26th here we come!!

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    You won't need a converter for electrical items. I have Verizon and could make calls but it is on roam so check your plan. My laptop has a built-in video camera so we stayed in touch via Skype with video calls back to our youngsters. Best thing it was free. We had camera on both ends but dont know if it is required.

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    Electricity: No converter is necessary.

    Calling Card: In the past, we have used the 'JusTalk' card purchased in the Couple gift shop on the resort, But I don't think they carry them any more. Your driver from the airport would probably know where to pick one up and might stop for you on the way (if the other passangers don't mind). I believe it was around $10 for 90 minutes of talk time plus a $2 per call connection fee charged by the resort.
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    no converter. verizon should be fine, call and let them know before hand. I have Sprint, it's $1.99 per min.
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    We'll be joining you the 19 - 27. This will be our 5th trip to CSS and our 10th overall to Couples. First, you do not need a converter for chrgers, there is an iron in the room (though we've never used it, hang it up and wait). In the past we've purchased a phone card from the gift shop, but it has been awhile. Since we have teens they no longer wish to hear from us. First timers, back too much, ans usually drink too much on the first day, so beware. I do know you'll have a great time.

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