We arrived at Couples Swept Away on Monday February 28. Our welcome package from the front desk included an invitation to meet with Alicia, the wedding coordinator, on Wednesday, the day before our wedding. Our photographer Diana Campbell called our room later that day to get our room number and confirm her arrival on the morning of the wedding.

We enjoyed the beach for a few days and met with Alicia Wednesday morning. Alicia took us through a checklist of final decisions and she gives you a copy of this when you're finished.

We chose our wedding location, the beach. I was nervous about getting married on the beach where others could see us, but honestly, you sort of forget about everyone else during the ceremony. And if you give them a nice kiss, they all clap and cheer for you LOL!

I brought pictures with me of what kind of bouquet I wanted and had a quote from Debbie on the price. We chose Corey's boutineer and the flowers for my hair. My bouquet cost $85US and the flowers for my hair were $12US. Alicia gave me a bill for these which I had to pay at the front desk.

I also had a picture with me of how I wanted my cake and table decorated. I left the cake topper and those accessories with Alicia.

After we met with Alicia, I realized that I should get my dress steamed. I brought the dress to the wedding office and they took care of that for me. But just so you know, it ended up costing me $75US!! I thought that was a bit much.

The morning of the wedding, we had room service breakfast and I headed over to the salon for hair and makeup at 8am. Corey had a quick workout at the gym and then a shower before I got back to the room. Diana Campbell and her son Richard arrived while I was at the salon and began taking pictures and video. I had printed off some photos from other weddings that I've been collecting all year, and they were more than happy to ensure that they gave me all the poses I asked for.

Sharieka was the wedding coordinator on our wedding day. She called just before 10am and brought our flowers to the room while we were finishing getting ready. The florist wasn't able to get the gerbera daisies I wanted for my bouquet, but they used the same colours as I wanted and I actually liked the bouquet they sent better than the one I had requested! My hair flowers were orchids and sprayed orange to match Corey's boutineer.

Sharieka walked us to the beach and introduced us to our minister Lloyd Francis who was such a nice man! Just before the wedding was about to start, the ipod fell in the sand and wouldn't play music. They suggested we do the ceremony without the music, but it wouldn't have been the same for me, so we asked Sharieka to please get us some music! She went back to the wedding office to get a new ipod. It delayed everything by a half hour or so because they had to re-load our music on the new ipod, but it was worth the wait for us!! AND becuase of the delay, we were given a private dinner on the beach that night at no charge!!

Our ceremony was beautiful, and we signed the register with the minister at the beach gazebo. Our cake table was set up in the garden and it was decorated beautifully. We cut the cake and had a toast while our music played in the background. Then it was picture time for about 2 hours during which time we were congratulated by virtually everyone whose paths we crossed LOL. After pictures we went back to the room for some private time and then had some lunch.

We dressed up in our wedding gear for our private dinner on the beach. I must say, it was truly magical and the perfect ending to our wedding day! The food was amazing and the atmosphere was incredible. If you can work this into your budget, I would highly recommend it. We went to Feathers later in the week, but it was nothing compared to the private dinner!

We were pretty tired by the end of the day and crashed shortly after our dinner on the beach!

Diana called us to meet on Sunday, the day before we were leaving. She delivered our photos, slideshow and video and allowed us to browse them on her laptop. The pictures turned out better than I could've imagined.

We had such an incredible experience, I can't completely describe it.

Just one note for future brides...you CANNOT use the $500 resort credit you may have received to pay the $500 vendor fee the hotel charges for outside photographers.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. corey.brayall@gmail.com

Here is a link to some of my photos by the fabulous Diana Campbell and her son Richard. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/...3&id=828700553