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    Default CN Honeymoon booked 9/25/11-10/2/11 First Timers!!

    Hi Everyone!!

    My fiance and I just booked our honeymoon at CN from Sept. 25, 2011 to Oct. 2, 2011. This is our first all inclusive. We were between S and Couples, but after slaving over reviews for weeks, I picked Couples because of all the amazing things I have heard. It seems to be a bite more laid back, as we are not fancy smancy people. We are so excited!

    I will admit it will be a bit odd to me that women will be roaming around topless because I understand topless is allowed everywhere, correct? We are not interested in the AN part. I am sure I will get used to it. Do many women go topless on the beach? In the grand scheme of things..not a big deal at all

    I keep hearing about a thread of "I wish I knew" or something like that. Where can I find this thread?


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    Topless is permitted any where on the beach,and as far as women roaming the beach everywhere that is not the case. You will find some lying on lounges or going to the water. I have only seen a few walking the entire beach BESIDES my wife! If her feet are on sand she is going to be sans her top thats just her she is very very comfortable that way. So go and enjoy you probably will not notice any one topless UNLESS we are there when you are and we will be back there in August not Sept/Oct LOL

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    The thread you are looking for is THE "I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT" THREAD. As I'm typing this it's on page three but it moves around depending on how recently someone has posted to it. It's pages and pages long and has tips from folks on things they've brought (or in some cases wish they hadn't brought) to help you with your packing.

    We stayed at CSA but I'm sure it's similar and I'll agree with Colombo, women are parading around with their tops off. Topless is allowed on the beach only, not at pools or anywhere else. And generally they stay in their chairs if they are topless, they don't get up and walk around. You will find that at Couples there is an attitude of togetherness with your partner so the idea of someone flaunting themselves would be inappropriate in such an environment. Depending on when you are there you may see a woman get up and walk to the water topless but the attitude about it is such that you may not even notice. It's not like at a resort where there are singles and people feel a need to show it all off to everyone around them.

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