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    Default Which resort to choose?

    I know this question has been asked before, but I am really looking for some feedback. My wife and I are planning a return visit to Couples to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We will be traveling with 2 other couples celebrating anniversaries also. We have stayed at CN in 2005 (which was fantastic), but wanted to experience one of the other 3 resorts this time. We would also like to do some of the offsite tours (Dunn River and possibly rum or coffee tours). Which of the other 3 would you recommend?

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    Look at the activities that you want to take in while on vaction and determine the resort(s) that they are close to in travel time. That may narrow down your selection of a resort.

    While Dunn's River is an excellent tour it is a ways to travel from Negril. Much the same is YS Falls and Appleton Estate is to Ocho Rios.

    Since there are 3 couples going you all get to make a selection.

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    While I highly recommend CSA,[saving for trip #4]since you mentioned Dunns River Falls,why don't you try CTI as they just completed a 30 million dollar reno and have read here that the place is fabulous.If the beach is more important, check out Swept Away, it is PARADISE! good luck deciding, they are all wonderful.

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    CSS is the best. Great food, great romance, great staff, and close to Dunn's River Falls...You can't wrong with Sans Souci (no worries)...

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    We recently went back to CN to celebrate our 25th and two other couples went with us. i have to tell you that we had SO much fun at the resort together as a group and alone. Our friends were just experiencing Couples for the first time and they didn't ever want to leave. But if you do want to get out there is a ziplining trip that is very cool but your whole day is taken up with this trip. There is also a Falls trip that is good and closer to Negril.

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    Couples needs to come up with a place which we can all refer to as CTNSSA. The ultimate resort!!

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