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    What items are sold in the gift shop? Not having been yet, I'm just trying to see what I will get with my resort credit. 58 days...

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    Well, there are a few gift shops at SweptAway, actually. The little "Dis & Dat" shop in the main lobby has mostly necessity type of sundries... otc medications like aspirin, suntan lotion, magazines, and the like. Then there is a well stocked gift shop in the GreatHouse complex that has jewelry, carvings, clothing, cigars, t-shirts, hats, swimwear, music, coffee, liquor, rum cakes, and etc. Directly across the hall is the Couples logo shop, where you can buy all things Couples (again, tees, shorts, swimwear, hats, etc.)

    Hope that helps...

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    thanks a lot Chris. Very helpful.

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    What's an estimate of the prices in the shops?

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