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    Default Are Couples Negril Dive Staff Fantastic ?

    We think they definitely are - they really do go that "extra mile" to look after the diving guests.
    We got back from CN yesterday, having done 23 dives each over the 14 days we were there.
    Even when the diveboat had engine problems, they quickly made alternative boat arrangements so that not even a single dive got cancelled - Thank you.
    Hi also to all the fun people (victims) we squirted with our water guns.
    Ian and Vanda from England.

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    You are sooo right! We feel totally at ease with each member of the dive team that has taken us out. Thank you to Richard, Craig, Alain and Ashrayn for making us so comfortable both underwater and above! We only dive on vacation and lately that vacation has taken us to CN 4 times so far. We'll get to enjoy ourselves again this April.

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    Thanks Ian & Vanda. We are booked for Sept 10-17, 2011 and just about to book too for Sept 2012 and hope to do 10 dives each during our one week stay there.

    I keep hearing wonderful things about the dive staff and we are getting so excited. Now I just have to wait 6 months.


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    Default Yes, and how is October

    Yes I say they are fantastic as well. I even got to drive the boat while my wife got certified. We are going back just for the diving, and planning to do so in October. We understand that it could be rainy but that is not a concern for us. I would like to ask you if you have been there in October and how is the diving? Maybe it doesn't make much difference, but since that is why were going back we should probalby ask.

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