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    Default new airport at ochio rios ?

    Has anyone heard when and if it will be open?

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    If you mean Ian Flemming it is already open. We took a prop from Montego to there. We highly recommend it! $720 roundtrip is a little pricey but its a great way to see the island and sure beats the bus ride. Roughly 15 minutes travel time depending on winds. If you book it I would suggest posting it on here so you can maybe share the flight and the cost with others.

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    Great info! My wife and I used this sevice 20 years ago however it was discontinued for some time and on our last visit was unable to use it. Do you know who you booked your flight with?

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    Airlink and Timair are the 2 that do it. We flew Timair
    We're going in August and hope to split with someone. Hope this helped!

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    Default Airport in ochio rios

    I must have been misimformed about the airport, i was told that it was a brand new airport that big jets could fly into like us air and other big operators.If that was the truth that would save a lot of time not having to fly into montego and taking the bus to cti and css.

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    There is no new airport in Ocho Rios. The only major airports in Jamaica are in Montego Bay and Kingston. The airport in Ocho Rios (actually in Boscobel), the expanded new Ian Fleming International, airport handles small planes and small jets. It only handles flights during daylight hours because it is not lighted

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    Ian Flemming is the "new" airport (redesigned and upgraded) but you guys are correct. We landed and took off and there is NO chance a large commercial plane could do it. We recommend it rather than taking the bus if you don't mind spending the $

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    Here is some information I have found regarding the newly renovated airport.

    "A new international airport for private jets and small commercial aircraft was unveiled in northern Jamaica on Wednesday (1/12/2011), named after the British thriller writer who invented the literary and cinematic super spy James Bond."- The Huffington Post

    "The small airport, formerly called the Boscobel Aerodrome, features a terminal with customs and immigration sections to accommodate global travelers. Officials said the facility just outside the coastal town of Orcabessa is the Caribbean island's third international airport."- The Huffington Post

    "Previously known as Boscobel Aerodrome, the airport was originally a limited service facility that processed about 20,000 passengers annually. Boscobel Aerodrome was in operation for over 30 years and had scheduled passenger service provided by local carriers such as Air Jamaica Express.

    Renovations began in early 2009, and the total cost of construction was $300 million (JMD). The new airport was opened on January 12, 2011 by Prime Minister Bruce Golding, who said that the intention of the airport was to handle small jets, international arrivals and to attract the high-end tourism market to Jamaica’s north coast, including Ocho Rios, Oracabessa, and Port Antonio. Also present for the opening was Ian Fleming’s niece, Lucy Fleming, and Goldeneye's current owner, Chris Blackwell.

    The new airport welcomed its first international flight on Friday, May 7, 2010 (eight months prior to its official opening) when a single engine Pilatus PC-12 turbo prop flew in from the Bahamas with singer/songwriter and businessman, Jimmy Buffet, of "Margaritaville" fame, being the first international passenger to be processed by customs and immigration officers at the facility.

    The renaming of the airport was controversial with some locals feeling that a prominent Jamaican should have been honoured in preference to the British Ian Fleming.

    Ian Fleming International Airport resides at an elevation of 90 feet (27 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 9-27 with an asphalt surface measuring 5,000 by 80 feet (1524 × 24 m).The airport is designed to handle private and commercial aircraft as large as the Bombardier Dash 8.

    The airport features a modern terminal, landing lights, fire truck garage and a fuelling station. Passenger amenities include customs and immigration services, a passenger lounge, and pilot briefing rooms." - Wikipedia
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    Default new airport

    thanks for the information,i guess i will have to buy me a small jet so i can fly into the new airport and get to cti and css sooner. I WISH.

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