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    Default Vaccines for traveling to Jamaica

    Ok so our travel agent just told us the recommended vaccines for traveling to Jamaica. I didn't even think of this so now I am wondering how necessary it is. She says it is recommended to get Hep A, Hep B, tetanus, and typhoid. Well my fiance and I both have the vaccines for Hep A and B and tetanus. I don't have the typhoid vaccine, he probably does because he is in the military (but he's not positive). We leave for our honeymoon in about 40 days and we are super busy right now getting everything done for the wedding. Please tell me it's not important to worry about trying to get this injection before our honeymoon! That would be great news to me, mostly because I don't have time and I HATE INJECTIONS!!!!

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    I have never been vaccinated before going to Jamaica. I think you're fine. :O)

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    While the CDC recommends those vaccines, Jamaica's immigration law does not require Americans to receive them in order to be admitted into the country. So do you have to get them? No. We've visited Jamaica 18 times and have never received vaccinations before traveling.
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    No need to get any injections.

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    Typhoid - I wouldn't bother with it. You'd only likely be exposed to Typhoid if you were there on a recovery/relief effort after a disaster and came into contact with contaminated food and/or water.

    It's always a good idea to have a current Tetanus vaccine, even living here in the USA.

    Hep A & B risk factors are mostly lifestyle related (unprotected sex, more than one sex partner, IV drug use, etc.) although Hep A can be contracted through food-borne or water-borne outbreak.

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    Nope, we've never had any shots and we leave in two days to return for our third time to CN. In fact, we've been to Punta Cana and Mexico and never had any shots for there either...

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    you need to get an injection of relax, and also a shot of enjoy yourself!

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    our TA told us we could if we wanted but it was not needed to go to jamiaca. I know my daughter had to to go on a science trip to costa rica but that was because they were working in very rural farming area.

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    The only one we had was a tetanus booster before our first trip in '05. The others are probably a good precautionary move, but hardly necessary in practical terms.

    I think you are good to go, no sweat.

    Have a great trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenna View Post
    I don't have the typhoid vaccine, he probably does because he is in the military (but he's not positive).
    If the typhoid shot is any thing at all like it was in the mid ninties, he would definitely remember. First I thought my arm was going to fall off, then I wished it would. I, for one, am positive that I got two typhoid shots in the Navy. It was not fun.

    I don't know of anyone who has gotten immunizations just to go to Jamaica. I'm sure there are some out there, but I do not know any I can name. I would think that the vast majority of tourists do not get them.

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    If you have time, and if you're not up to date, I'd recommend getting your tetanus booster... You're going to be spending a lot of time barefoot... and this one is easily done at your local clinic. Also, that recommendation has nothing to do with your destination of choice... its just common sense.

    Enjoy and congrats!

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    I received my Hep A, Hep B, tetanus shots because of my work field, I can thank Uncle Sam for all the others,yellow fever, thyphoid, Malaria and many more (lost track) for the tropical landscape of Nam!!! My wife only Hep B and she has been fine all our trips. Don't worry go and enjoy.

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    Those are general recommendations not based on your specific travel location, if you are staying in the resort areas no vaccines are necessary. If you were to be spending time in the mountains you would want all those as the water there is not treated and conditions there are very much more "third world" and also more rain forest like. I do agree though with all those who recommended the updated tetanus, always a good idea to keep that one up whether travelling or not and we did encounter some glass on the beach due to the recent storms back in October.

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    Never had any vaccines in over 20 years of traveling to Jamaica & no problems.

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    Default Vaccines

    We've been going to Jamaica for 27 years and took our children when they were 14 months up through high school.....never had vaccines of any kind and have never been sick.

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