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    Default Review from an excellent stay at CSA Feb 28th-March6th

    First day: The Ride to Jamaica was amazing! I never had to get a passport or pass through customs and I was nervous, but it was fast and easy! I loved how blue the water was from the miami airport to Montego Bay! I thought we were going to land in the water! we landed just off the beach on the runway : ) Couples lounge was amazing! While we waited for our bus Torrean Hill took great care of us! Thank you to all the welcome staff you were great!
    Our ride to CSA was eyeopening. I was not used to the driver being on the passenger side and they drive on the opposite side of the road! There was much to see. Check in was so fast, we were greeted with cold towels and Champagne and instructions on our visit. We were told when we were to meet with the wedding planner about our vow renewal and off to the room we went. I was in awe of the landscape along the paths. Our room was so cute! We were in room 1124 in the Atrium Suites. We wanted a top floor but it turned out okay, I liked my view where I was. They were going to accomidate us, but I didn't want to change! We had a view of the beach and the Palms resteraunt was right by us so we were steps within the pool, the beach, and one of the many places to eat. We could hear the entertainment from our room along with the wonderful sounds of the beach and night creatures! It was amazing! I loved laying in the hammock at night and listening to all the night creatures and waves from the ocean. We found our first drink hut, had a local favorite "the hummingbird" and another called the Frazier special, thank you Frazier and Clau, you made our first night and drinks so special! We took a tour of the property with a guide, sorry I didn't get his name! (terrible of me) but He was so helpful! Did an awesome and professional job. We then walked to the pool with the swim up bar had a drink, then went to the managers cocktail party, we felt so welcomed there! We ate our fist meal at Lemon Grass and the atmospere and food was so good! we went and soaked in the hot tub and hit the bed!
    Day 2: We were up at 6:30 for coffee, boy do I miss that coffee! we hit the running trail and couldn't remember if it was 1/4 or 1/2 mile all the way around so we did 8 laps! Come to find out, that was 4 miles! I have never run 4 miles, 3 is my max, guess it was the beauty around me! We did abs on the beach, I highly recommend this! Our trainer, Donavin, was so good. Took my shower felt great!
    we then met with the wedding planners. Our vowel renewal was the next day. They left no rock unturned and did an amazing job from start to finish. We are to have a couples massage at 12 then im off the the spa for updue, mani and pedi. We chose our cake type and colors (Jamaican fruit is a must!) Then we were off to the beach! I found an awesome shell in the water and was so amazed with the blue clear water! I have never been to an island! There were many first's for me this trip! I had their famous Jerk Chicken, to die for, it's also a must! When we returned our bar was stocked and I was surprised to find a full bottle of Appleton famous Jamaican Rum, thought we would get those little bottles, but nope, full bottle! lol. Also recieved our bottle of Champagne for our wedding day tomorrow. The Sunset from my patio was awesome! We ate dinner at the Palms then went and enjoyed the night life! That was fun! Piano bar a must!
    Day 3:We got up on the next day and enjoyed our massage, the spa was great, got my hair and nails done, went back to the room dressed for the vow renewal, the wedding planner called for Steve, he left the room and then she came and got me. What a special event this day was. The ceremony was more than I expected and I can't even begin to express how greatful we are for this special occation and how awesome the staff made it! I will post pictures as soon as I can! Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!! I married my best friend all over again and how special you all made that. We went to dinner at feathers, went to the Palms and watched a steel drum band, then off to the bon fire on the beach! What a day!
    Day 4-Got up had breakfast and chilled all day on the beach! We went to dinner at the Patio Restaurant, went and picked out our wedding photos, visited the business center to send messages back home, and went to bed.
    Day 5-ran, then ate breakfast, then we met at the lobby so a van could take us to the Mt. Airy school to take supplies to the school children! It was a wonderful experience. I am working on getting a printer for them. We took pencils and pencil sharpeners and will continue to collect supplies. They are in great need. we came back checked in at the water hut, went on a glass bottom boat ride. It was so beautiful! we got a tour of some of the other resorts, upon our return, then went out for snorkeling! I really didn't know what to expect, this was my first time! It was so amazing! A memory I will never forget! We came in, ate at the grill and waited around till our catamoran boat ride. Off into the deep blue we went. We were taken out to a famous place called Ricks Cafe to watch Cliff divers. Then we got to swim in the cave and I went off the slide on the boat! Fun and amazing! All the staff members of all these water events made our event so special! They were funny, helpful, kind, and thanks to you all! We came back, showered and it was off to the beach party! That was fun! The entertainment was great! Food was awesome, huge buffet spread! Then we were off to Carribean Dance Lessons at the Piano bar/night club. So much fun!!!! Teacher had great patients and full of energy, he made it so fun and easy! We still practice our dance : )
    Day 6: what a sad day! Only cause it's our last day : ( I miss this place already! We ate at Patio's Patio, Very good. I had the blueberry Griddle cakes and Steve had the famous Banana Stuffed French toast! Both a must have! So good! We laid on the beach all day! We went in the water and collected shells, ate at the grill for lunch, laid on the beach, Oh, did I mention that everytime we laid on the beach they would bring around a green drink flag, and when your ready put your flag up they come around, take your drink order, and return with your drink! Now, that is service!!!! we showered watched the sunset and went to The Palms for grilled lobster night! It was so good. Folks...there is not one bad thing I can say about our stay, not one! Except it went to fast and just wasn't long enough! They can just put our name on our room, cause we are returning yearly! This is our new extended family : ) Thank you Randy!

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    My wife is a teacher here at home and we have been wondering how we can help the children of Jamaica with school supplies. She would LOVE to visit a classroom! How did you put that together? We just returned from CTI and are planning to visit CN next Feb. We would be interested in any info you could give us to guide us down that path. If you want to e-mail us directly her address is I'm glad you had such a great time at CSA. Is is an amazing resort. We stayed there last year and absolutely loved it. I miss my hammock!! We will be back.

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    I'm so glad you had a great time. We'll finally be back home at CSA this time next week, and I'm so excited!!! You made me even more impatient. Thanks a lot! LOL :O)

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    Awesome review. So glad you had a blast. We love CSA and can't wait to return. The great feeling of CSA just stays with you.

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    Cynthia, so glad you had a great time, though not one bit surprised!!!
    Besides that printer, what else did you find that the school needed for supplies? We took some in June 2007 but were unable to visit, because there was some sort of vacation and school wasn't in session.

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    i would also love to know how you did the school visit. how long was it? i am a teacher and would love to pack as much supplies as i can without going over the weight limit :-)

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    Default Visiting the school

    Great review! We were in Jamaica in 2009 and are coming back in Dec. 2011. I am a school teacher here in the states and would love to visit the school. Could you give me some information on how you put that together. You can either reply on here or via email


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    What school is this? I'm also a teacher and would love to organize a drive here. I'd ship some and also bring some supplies. Maybe someone can start a thread here and we can work on it together?

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    What a fantastic review and we're so glad you had the time of your life. We'll be home again at CSA in early December and we can't wait. Looking forward to seeing your pictures, especially of the trip you made to the school. My wife is the secretary to a middle school. I think she'd get a kick out of visiting a school and taking some supplies down for them.

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