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    Default Negril Golf---bring clubs????

    On our previous 2 trips to CSA my husband did not bring his golf clubs. (He played with rental clubs.) He is now questioning whether he should bring his clubs on our July trip...So the queston to all golfers--what are your thoughts on bringing your own clubs? Also how are conditions at Negril Hills now? Count down is on!! Thanks

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    Hi arkansasgirl. I'm glad to see that your husband is a golfaholic like me and the other guys that go with us to CSA. Our trip to CSA was back in December of 2008 so I can't remark on the current conditions of the course. Back then the course was fairly dry but playable. As far as bringing his clubs along if it's not a big bother I'd recommend doing it. Two of us brought our own clubs and one didn't. He was afraid his new clubs would get damaged in transit. I've brought my clubs on many trips and never had an issue with damage. His rental clubs were terrible and actually rented a set from his caddie for the second round we played. They still weren't the best clubs but were better than what the club had to rent. We were in Florida recently and I played a round of golf with a borrowed set of clubs. Every shot I wished I had my own club in my hand. It's much more enjoyable to play with your own sticks. We're returning to CSA in December and I'm definately bringing my own clubs again. I hope this helps. Tell your husband to ask for the caddie Ronnie. She's an awesome lady and to tell her that Steve, Jim and Joe from New York will be there in December.

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    If he's gonna golf more than once or twice, then perhaps. If not... leave 'em home. So much can happen to his precious clubs (I'm a duffer, but value my Adams set), the baggage cost is outrageous. But some folks are just like that... they can't get comfortable with strange clubs.

    But hey... its his vaca... his choice!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Thanks for the info steveg52. Our last trip was in 2006 so I know things have changed....looking forward to 2 weeks of relaxation. I will let you know how the golf goes in July. (and yes he is a golfaholic....playing and making clubs!)
    Where do you live in New York?

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    Hello again arkansasgirl. I'm envious that you get to spend two whole weeks at CSA! Our trips are only one week long and we're usually just getting used to the slow pace when it's time to leave. We live in Fishkill, NY a little over an hour north of New York City and just south of Poughkeepsie along the Hudson River. In case you're a member of PETA, no we don't advocate killing It's a name left over from the Dutch settlers and taken literally, kill means riverbed. I checked out the course website and it looks like the pro shop has been totally redone. Can't wait to check it out in person. I'm including a picture of me teeing off on one of the par 4s and wishing I was there right now. I'll be here waiting for your trip review and especially wanting to know how things are at Negril Hills GC.
    Enjoy your time in Paradise and drink a few hummingbirds for me, Steve

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    Default Negril Golf....bring clubs

    One of the things that caught our attention to the Couples Resorts was that golf was "included". However, my husband took his clubs and played last year. The course was not good and although we were there for 14 days.....he only played the once and is not taking his clubs this year. Everything else is fabulous....leaving in 30 days for another 2 weeks at CSA

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    So sorry to hear that CSS70. My buddies and I are avid golfers but we enjoyed walking Negril Hills with our caddies. We didn't rush our way around in golf carts and then have to wait for the van or taxi it back to CSA. I do agree that the course isn't up to the standards we're used to playing on here in the States but it is fun. The "S-resort" owned golf course played when staying in Ocho Rios was in better shape than Negril Hills. It also had some views of the ocean. But in my humble opinion any half day on a golf course is better than it lying on the beach. Guess my picture was too big to post so I'll resize it and post it here just to give people a flavor of what a lot of the holes look like. I've also included a picture of my buddies and our caddies.
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