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    Default Minnesotan's in April

    We will be at CSA from April 16th - 26th, any one else from Minnesota going to be there? 36 days and counting!!!

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    We will be there April 18th-26th! Although I am an Arizonan I was in Minneapolis this Feb when it was below zero and you Minnesotan's are CRAZY to live in that! I understand why you are so happy to be going to Jamaica, lets cross our fingers for lots of sunshine!

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    I am from MN, but not going until November. Just thought I would say hello!

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    Does NW Ontario count? Just north of the 49th in Thunder Bay. We'll be there from the 16-27 for our 17th trip.

    FWIW see the April 2011 Team Swept Away thread

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    Hi LLPC, we will arrive on the 20th. So looking forward to some warmth. See you on the beach, Sara and Jim, Woodbury!

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    We are in MN and will be at CN from April 16th - 26th!!! CANNOT WAIT to get out of this cold and snow!!! So excited!!!

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    Check out team csa on the meet up threads. We are from WI and will be there 7-12 of April. Ready to get out of the cold and crazy political unrest here.

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