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    Default CSA Garden Verandah Suites

    We are trying to book our trip to CSA (after long deliberation on what resort to choose) ... now we need to know how the Garden Verandah Suites are because that's all our travel agent can get on the dates we need! Any opinions?

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    That's is our choice. No problems at all. The rooms aren't much different in any category. Basically the same layout just a few steps more from the beach. We like them because they're a little more private than the ones along the beach which people are always walking by. Some complain about road noise but we didn't hear any. Maybe that is more of a problem if you're by the main office where the cars honk at the security guards.

    For us, we can afford a extra night in the garden rooms vs staying in a beachfront. Since the rooms are identical, I'll take the extra night vs a 50 step advantage to the beach.

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    The description of the room and the picture on the CSA web page is very accurate

    The room itself is the same as the OVS and BFVS, it's all about location. These rooms are located in buildings with 12 rooms, the categories are such that each is a little further back from the beach...the buildings are behind each other but not directly stacked they are offset a bit. Look at the resort map and you'll see how this is arranged. The GVS are the furthest back on the mid right side of the map, hover over one of the icons and it will tell you which it is.

    Some people say there is road noise but this is personal depending on how light you sleep. Jamaicans drive with their horns but at night traffic will be lighter. If you sleep heavy you will likely not even notice the traffic at all, if you sleep very light you may have some trouble particularly in the morning as traffic is picking up so sleeping in will be difficult. Regardless, keep your ac on and your windows closed to help. There is also a ceiling fan in the room which you can use to create white noise if you are hearing noise from outside. If either of you is a light sleeper bring a pair of ear plugs just in case. Many people stay in these rooms and love them and have no trouble with noise. As someone recently pointed's a hotel so it's not going to be perfectly quiet anywhere, the BFVS get noisy in the morning with cart traffic on the sidewalk as they move food and dishes to the restaurants.

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    These suites are at the back of the resort closest to the road. Some people have complained about road noise but we never had a problem. The one we stayedin was second floor and faceted the gardens and join pond and I wouldn't hesitate to book one again
    We are trying the ghvs this April hoping for a sea view. If you want a picture of a guvs from our last trip, email me at

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