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    Default Power Differences from USA

    We are going to CSS in just over a week and have questions about the power/electricity. We are from the US so I know that the actual plug types are the same. However I am a bit concerned about the voltage and frequency possibly damaging items that we plug in. Has anyone experienced issues with this?

    Thanks for your help.

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    USA common wall voltage is 120V at 60 hertz. Jamaica's is 110V at 50Hz. The difference is small, and most devices will run as you expect. Any laptop power blocks, digital camera chargers, and other such adaptors will work fine. We have an iPod speaker system we use in Jamaica no problem, but the power transformer does get pretty hot, so we unplug it unless we are using the device.

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    I brought my own hair dryer which this time I WONT because it just adds more weight in your luggage, but I also brought my curling iron and straightner and used them all at once and had no issues or power problems and nothing blew up lol especially my hair!

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    No need to be concerned. The difference isn't enough to cause any problems. We've plugged all sorts of stuff in including our computers, cameras, dvd player, blow dryer, curling iron. All without any incident.
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    From the FAQs:

    What electrical current is used in Jamaica?

    It's 110 volts, 50 cycles US & Canadian electrical devices will work.
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    Default Thanks

    Thanks everyone. Just wanted to be sure. 9 days and counting!

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    We've been several times, and I've only noticed one thing which is unusual. I shave my head with electric clippers, and when I plug them in at Couples they are extremely loud...they still work properly however. I thought they were broken the first time it happened, but when I got back home they worked fine. All of our other devices always work fine.

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