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    Default Restaurant Menus

    I was wondering, are the restaurant menus posted daily either outside the restaurant or somewhere else on the resort so guests can decide each day where they would like to eat?

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    Which resort are you going to?

    I remember them being posted at CN and perhaps CTI, but I don't remember them at CSS or CSA. It could just be that I didn't see them.
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    Default Menus are available

    Menus were posted outside the restaurants at least last year. We are returning in April for another great 14 days at CSA! Can't wait

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    At CSA I do recall the menu for Feathers and Lemongrass being posted, we specifically looked to see if we wanted to make reservations as we are rather picky eaters and wanted to see the menu before locking ourselves in to a time schedule. I honestly didn't look for the others so I can't swear to it but it seems to me that Patios Patio may have had theirs near the entrance.

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    They have them at the entrace to Palms at CSA (I think!)

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    I should have mentioned, we will be at CN.

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    Yes, the menus are posted in the hallway that runs between the little newstand and the main restaurant. They are also displayed outside of each restaurant. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Eight days and counting.

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    Yes. In the hallway between the Cassova Restaurant and the restrooms is a stand that holds the menus for that evening for all the restaurants.

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    The menus at CN for that day for all the restaurants are located on a podium at the hall entrance from the restrooms into Cassava, and also at the entrance to the seating area is posted the activities for that day.
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    Last year at CN we found it amusing that the menus posted did not match the actual menus on at least two occasions. I asked about this as we chose a restaurant based on a specific dish that was posted and it was not on the menu when we arrived. The response was that it was an example but not necessarily exact.

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