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    Default Hard Rock Cafe - Ocho Rios

    I have heard some conflicting reports as to whether the Ocho Rios Hard Rock Cafe is still open. Does anyone know for sure? We were there last April and would love to give some Toronto collector pins to the staff when return in 5 weeks.

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    We were in Ochio Rios in February (4th-16th) and it was closed we were pretty saddened as we were looking forward to also buy stuff.

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    We were at Css at the end of January and Hardrock cafe was haveing a closeing sale then

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    We just got back from CSS (and had an amazing time as always!)

    We went on the shopping trip to Taj Mahal and regret to advise that the Hard Rock Cafe has indeed closed. We were told that they are turning into a casino. I was very disappointed as I love collecting the pins and that was one of the reasons for going on the shopping trip

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    We were there in December and they were still open

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    Hi Piperman

    I've been looking too. It was on the Hard rock website last year when we went to CTI but we couldn't seem to drag ourselves off the resort to go, its not on the site now. This year we were determined to go but now it looks like it may be no longer an option.

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    yes the Ochos Rios Hardrock is back open, it was closed for a while but its back!

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