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    My daughter is planning a wedding in Jan 2010, we are trying to decide between Couples San Souci & Negril. Which do you think is nicer for a wedding? We like nice beaches, nice rooms that overlook the water. Any suggestions?

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    I think that Negril is the better choice, much nicer beach. And for rooms on the beach you might want to take a look at CSA.

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    We got married at CSA and have been to CSS.If it is nice beaches you want, then CSA or CN are your choices.Get a beachfront suite at CSA and it would be perfect for you.Never stayed at CN but have read that the rooms don't overlook the beach very much but they have a nice beach also.CSS has the nicest suites of all and the resort is beautiful.The beach is very small and we felt a little trapped there.We like to be able to walk the beach and visit other bars, go shopping and explore.It all depends on what is more important to you.Saving for trip #4 to CSA and #5 to Couples, good luck deciding!

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