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    Default Rum Cream at CTI and snorkling question for CSA and CTI

    Greetings,we are first timers to Jamaica and my fiance and I are wondering if Couples Tower Isle has rum cream or any alcohol for that matter at the gift shop? We also wanted to know how others pack their alcohol for the trip home? We're thinking strapping tape and bubble wrap? We are looking at options for the 500 dollar resort credit. We are also curious about how well their snorkeling equipment seals because I have to wear my contacts while swimming. I am -2700 without my lenses and glasses are not an option for me. BTW thanks for all the information posted on the message board. Brian and Christine from Iowa ( Will be honeymooners and first timers to anywhere tropical let alone Jamaica)

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    Yes, the gift shop at CTI has rum cream and other kinds of alcohol.
    I have to wear my contacts while snorkeling as well. I don't know about the equipment they have at the resort because I have my own. (Just my own germ obsession lol) Congratulations on your wedding! Enjoy CTI. We LOVED it!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    The resort gift shop does sell rum cream, plus Appleton's Rum. The resort will also take you on a shopping trip that sells the Rum and Rum Cream. I find the prices there to be less expensive than the resort. You also have the option of buying the Rum and Rum Cream at the airport as you exit the country. They have liquor stores past security and you can carry the liquor on board, but if you are changing planes in the US, you will need to transfer the liquor to your checked luggage.

    As far as snorkeling equipment. We think it is in great condition. No need for concern.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We have used the bubble wrap and tape. Once we had a bottle break, but since we pack it inside large ziplock bags and bring along a towel from home to wrap them in, the towel absorbed all of the liquid and none leaked into our suitcase. (we cried at the loss of the rum cream, though) Last year we took along a cardboard box inside our luggage. This worked really well and nothing was broken when we got home. We take our carry on pretty much empty on the way down so that there is plenty of room to pack it for the trip home.

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    we have previously used "water wings" to protect bottles. Buy them at the dollar store, and pack them deflated...depending on the size of the bottle you can inflate them and slip it around the bottle like a ring, or use them to pad around the bottle in your bag.

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    transfer the liquor to your checked luggage if you are changing planes in the US? How in the world would you do that? Why can't you continue with it as a carry-on? I know they box it up well. (last time we purchased some at the airport, but we did have a direct flight, where as this time we don't).

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    You have to claim your luggage when landing in the states...we have always had then you clear customs and it goes back on the luggage belt into the new plane.

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    When you clear customs, you have to pick up your bags and recheck them to your connecting flight. So you will have time to put them in your bags. Then you have to go back threw security and remember you can't carry liquids threw them. We just got back and had no problem doing this.

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    If you don't mind me asking...what is this $500 credit? Thanks!

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    We buy our Rum Cream at the airport once past security then carry it on the plane. When we do our change in Atlanta, we pack it with a bunch of clothe. We take and extra fold away duffel just to put the clothes in. When you purchase the alcohol at the airport they will box it up for you. This fits into our checked bag and we have not had problem with breakage.

    As for snorkeling, I wear contacts also and have not had a problem with the equipment leaking.

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    That's correct as Luv2Yak states. On March 6th, we flew from Montego Bay to Philadelphia and then on to Pittsburgh. You need to allow room in your checked in bag for any liquor purchases. They didn't re-weigh our luggage, but once you pick up your luggage after going thru customs and before you get on your connecting flight, the liquor must go inside of a checked bag and then back onto the luggage belt. We usually purchase our Rum Cream at the airport and they have perfectly sized 2 pack cardboard boxes for this purposes. The bottles travel well in this type of packaging.

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    Its Jamaica, of course they have rum cream! Some people disagree but I find its cheapest at the airport, and they have the good stuff. I brought home a lot on my first trip and just wrapped it in clothes and it made it just fine!

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