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    Default Cooking Classes At CN

    Mrs Canuk and I are traveling to CN Apr 5 - 12 I read somewhere that there are cooking classes available being somewhat of a foodie I think this would be a good thing. Anybody know about these classes. Thanks

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    The Entertainment Team organizes two (usually) cooking demonstrations per week by a chef. Typically one is a dessert (e.g. rum balls or banana flambe) and one a dinner (e.g. curried chicken, or coconut rundown codfish, or curried fish and crackers).

    They (the chef) will hand out a recipe, show the ingredients, demonstrate some portion (or all) of the cooking techniques, hand out a small sample, and answer any questions.

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    Thanks Rudi sounds relaxed enough

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    I suggest you also take the tour of the kitchen. Check out the activities board at breakfast to see when that happens. It was VERY interesting and I was blown away at how clean everything was. The pastry room will make your mouth water and the chef even gave me some of his own favorite recipes.

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    Default Activities board

    You mentioned looking on the activities board when going to bkfst. to see when the cooking class is. Just where is the "activities board" located?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kgrace View Post
    You mentioned looking on the activities board ... Just where is the "activities board" located?
    There is a weekly activities sheet provided at CN in the check-in envelope that will show things such as the cooking demonstration.

    However, as noted on the sheet in fine print, activities are scheduled to change and it is best to consult the daily postings.
    In the past, such postings were at the entrance to Cassava (the main dining area) and Heliconia (the beach grill area). But on our visit last month we only saw postings at Cassava and (on a few days) in the Internet Cafe.
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    Kitchen Tour 11:00 AM Tuesday Cassava Terrace Bar
    Pastry Demo 1:30 PM Tuesday Boardwalk
    Jamaican Style Cooking Class 1:30 PM Friday Boardwalk
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    The activities board is located at the entrance to the Cassava Terrace buffet, on the right side as you are getting ready to enter. The side towards the bar. If they change anything or add anything for the day, that will keep you up to date. Also has who the entertainment is going to be at night or any other special announcements.

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    Default Cooking Classes

    Hi Thanks for all the replys we always take the Kitchen Tour when ever it is offered. Mrs Canuk is in the Resto Biz and I am just nosey, too bad they are on a Tues we arrive Tues afternoon and are leaving the next Tues before 11:00 may have to sneak a peak. Take Care

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