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    Default Red Stripe Lite??

    I heard that Red Stripe Lite is no longer available in the bars at CSA. Can someone let me know? It was 2009 when I was there last and am returning in June, I sure would hate to not have this beer available.

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    I'd love to know too. I'll be there in April and really hope they have Red Stripe Lite on tap like they did at CN in 2009.

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    I find it odd that you can buy it everywhere in the US now buy you can't get it in Jamaica. Personally, I like the regular Red Stripe better but it doesn't make sense to take away the light beer option.

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    Just got back from CN a week ago. I noticed when I ordered Red Stripe, which is the exact way I would say it, they would pour from either tap, regular or lite, and I could not tell a difference in the flavor or the body of the beer.

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    We were there in January 2011 and they had red stripe light at CN and at the couples lounge at the airport.

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    Two weeks ago it was available at CSA...but not always at the Sports Bar. To be sure to get Lite, I had to go to the bar at Palms.

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    At CSA in Jan they had both but no longer lite at the self serve tap.
    At CSS at end of Feb only had Red Stripe from both taps at all bars.

    I am really disapoinated by this development. That seems really chintzy to do away with Red Stripe Light on tap.

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    Does Red Stripe make any other beers? I feel like I've seen another style of beer before while in Jamaica.

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    Just got back last week. Red Stripe Lite was available at all the bars and Tiki bars..

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