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    Default CSA Beach Suite Safe size

    Hi again,
    We are planning on booking the Beachfront rooms without the TV. Love the idea of no TV while away... however, we were thinking of bringing a portable DVD player to watch some movies in case of bad weather or just want to watch a movie before bed.
    Anyone know how big the safes are??? I could just lock it in my suitcase but... just a thought

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    We brought ours too. You should be able to fit it in your safe without a problem. We did not put ours in there we left it in our suitcase and a few times it just set out on our night stand. We never had any issue.

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    Can't give you the exact dimensions but we brought a portable DVD player last year, for the flight, and it fit in the safe just fine...with room to spare.

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    Well...first of all I know that the safe size can vary room to room and we haven't stayed in that category so I don't have an exact size. In generall they are all "average" hotel room size safes. We had a laptop which sat out on the counter at all times during our stay and it never appeared to have been touched. If it won't fit in your safe keeping it in your suitcase will be enough unless you leave your door open and someone walks in, staff aren't going to bother looking through your luggage for stuff to steal. Now that you have that info, I'd say leave the dvd player home...too much other stuff to do and see at CSA you won't use it.

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