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    Default trying to plan my wedding at CSA--help

    Hello everyone!!

    I am trying to pick the best month to have my wedding at CSA. I visited a travel agent and he suggested CSA in May. So, I'm considering May 2012.

    I want a very romantic wedding. Would love to have mine at sunset, but I'm not sure I want to pay $890 for the upgrade. I have read several posts on here, one suggested that 10am was a perfect time slot due to the sunlight for photos. I would have to buy a photo package, just 24 pictures and a dvd is 500, seems somewhat pricy to me. I'm just trying to get the most for my money, and have the perfect romantic wedding I have pictured in my mind.

    Any hints/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Go to the wedding tab on the homepage for the couple’s resort you where you want to get married. You should be able to obtain an endless amount of information on any wedding related subject. My fiancé and I are getting married in November 2011 and the message board has been more than helpful in planning for our upcoming wedding/vacation.

    Good Luck and Congratulations!

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    Hi Missy!

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Yea!!

    I will preface this with saying I have never been to CSA (though I am going for the first time in December for my 10 year wedding anniversary). The 10:00 a.m. time slot will be your best for photographs due to sun. Anything later than 11:30 a.m. (and 11:00 a.m. might even be pushing it), will lead to harsh sunlight in your images. The photographers should be able to compensate for this, but early morning light is softer and gives a nicer glow to images than the harsher, overhead sun of later in the day.

    In 2006, my hubby and I did a vow renewal at Sandals in Ocho Rios. The pricing on the photography was similar. Wedding photography is expensive, no matter where you are. It's just the nature of the industry. My suggestion to you is to purchase the DVD with as many images as you can afford. Photography, in my opinion, is the most important thing of the day. Spend what you need in order to get as many images as you want. Then, when you return to the States, make your own wedding book or get your images printed. There are lots of beautiful options in regards to displaying your images, but you have to HAVE them in order to do that. And when you buy the DVD, you purchase the rights to them, which you will need to have them printed with a reputable printing company (even Wal-Mart requires proof of copyright when printing professional images).

    Good luck in planning your wedding! I hope I helped. :-)

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    We were married at CSA in Jan. 2008. We picked that month because it’s the perfect time to escape winter, and the weather is statistically drier in the winter. It certainly was that year. We had sunshine every day and only a few sprinkles one afternoon in 2 weeks.

    Our wedding coordinator told us that May is a very popular month for weddings, however it’s also one of the wettest months of the year, so many weddings either get delayed due to rain or have to be moved indoors. She told us we’d picked the best time of year since it’s drier, not so hot and humid and not so busy with weddings every hour. I’m sure there are still lots of sunny May weddings, but it was interesting to hear it from the perspective of someone who is there year round.

    We were married at 11:00. We debated about the 10:00 spot, but didn’t want to get up that early to get ready. With the 11:00 time we had time for showers, breakfast and getting ready without rushing at all. The day was perfect. The sky was brilliant blue with the sun shining bright, so the water sparkled turquoise. The light was perfect for photos. Lots of couples love sunset weddings, but we wanted the sunshine, so we personally wouldn’t have chosen a sunset wedding if it was free.

    We had an outside photographer. This was before the increase in outside vendors fees, which made that decision easier. We did pay more for our package, but we also got a lot more for our money with over 700 photos. That may seem excessive, but they took photos getting ready, our guests waiting, the ceremony, the garden reception, beach shots of just us as well as our guests, and even came on the cat cruise and took more. It was the best money spent as now we have this whole “story” of memories captured forever of our special day.

    This is what worked for us. You should go with what you feel will work best for you. You don't want to have any regrets and think afterwards that you wished you'd had that sunset wedding. Follow your own instincts.

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    We were married at 10am but in Feb and our pics are stunning. We were blessed that day with beautiful blue sky and water. We then had the whole day to celebrate. Good luck!

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    Just got back from CSA and saw lots of beautiful weddings. The morning weddings seemed really spectacular and were never impacted by the afternoon showers which popped up on a few days.

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    Compare it to a wedding you would pay for here, and have pictures 10 years later of people you dont know, dont like, or dont care about. You will have the best memories, pix of only you and your closest people who might come, and save $15,000 in the process. Shoot, you could stay for a month and not even spend that much. DO IT!

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    We were married on March 31 2010 at CSA, at 11:00am! We picked morning as it was not too hot and we had all day to walk the beautiful grounds to take pictures! We also picked the 24 photo package, after reviewing all the photos that were taken we ended up getting 36 instead as we loved so many! The extra cost for pictures is well worth it! Remember you can change your mind about photos and flowers etc, right up until you have your meeting with the wedding coordinator. Best of luck on your big day!

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