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    Default Right now... I write this, a few lucky souls are starting their day with a delicious breakfast and cup of coffee at Palazzina, perhaps with an egg-white omelette made to order.

    I however, have just finished reading my morning emails and settled into my office. Heavy sigh. October can't come soon enough.

    What do you wish you were doing RIGHT NOW?

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    Sitting on the beach at CSA, the sun shining on my face, waiting for them to come around with the snow cones and bottle of Appletons to pour on top!

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    I wish I was trying to figure out which Flipflops I should wear to go with my bathing suit! 82 days and counting as I look out the window to it SNOWED IN PA last night. UGH

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    Right now I wish my husband was rubbing sunscreen on my back before we head to the beach. 92 days

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    Wishing I was on the beach, frosty drink in hand and warm in the sun! 70 days until our 3rd Couples trip, and I've realized that we'll live the rest of our lives on a Jamaican countdown!
    MACoupleholic - I'm right there with you, this office/work stuff is for the birds. Couples is where it's at!

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    This morning as we were halfway done shoveling out from under over a foot of heavy, wet snow, my SO looked at me and said "Jamaica". One week ago we were happily strolling the beach at CSS after another marvelous breakfast at Pallazina (and Yes! we do miss those omelets!). <heavy sigh>

    Waiting until 2012 seems like forever, especially since we have to survive not only this winter but ANOTHER one before returning home. At least I have the chore of choosing another resort to split with CSS, a big task to keep me occupied!

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    Yesterday as the hub and I were driving around in the flooded streets on a gray Sunday, getting caught in the cold rainy down pour and freezing our bums off, we were wondering what they were doing that moment at CN. In 5 days - we will know!

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