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    Default a/n swim up bar at CN?

    Is there an a/n swim up bar at CN? And which a/n beach is better, CN or CSS?

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    We were at CN about 5 years ago and at that time there wasn't a pool on the AN side. I don't believe this has changed. The beach on Bloody Bay is beutiful! What I didn't like is that it is a public beach with 5 hotels having access. Most guests from the AN side put their swim gear back on to go into the ocean. (children on the beach)
    We just returned from CSS this week and I much prefered this AN area.
    Smaller but very privite beach.
    Pool with swim up bar.
    Great lunch served and cooked right beside the pool bar.
    We would arrive at the AN beach around 10am and had no reason to leave until 5pm (at 5pm the AN side is open to all guests because this is the best area to enjoy the sunset). You can remain AN but the other guests wont't be.

    This was our 1st to CSS in 8 trips to Jamaica including CN and CTI and by far this is our favorite. We will return next year.

    Hope this helps and enjoy your vacation!

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    Swim up bar is at lower pool of the to regular pools the falls cascade down into that area from the large main pool. The regular is pool not in the AN area. I personally think that CN should make the lower pool area by the swim up bar a Euro style pool where topless is permitted and leave the upper main pool no topless allowed. The pool bar is the area of fun late in the day and there are all adults at the bar, it would be nice for someone to be able to walk off from the beach take a refreshing dip in the pool and have a drink and than go back to the beach without worrying to put on a top, damn they are only a pair of breast!!!!!

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    There is no A/n swim up bar at CN as there is no a/n pool at CN only a hot tub. Check out the post "Nude area at CSS" for information and photos of the a/n area at CSS.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    Thanks ya'll. This answered my questions.

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    Unlike Brad and Gloria, we really like CN. And even tho there are 3 other resorts on Bloody Bay, CN is almost to the end of the bay and many do not walk past it. We never found the foot traffic bothersome, plus the AN beach is deep enough that you can be away from the foot traffic.

    We also never put our suits on to go into the ocean. Really didn't see any need since we stayed on "our" side of the ocean.

    We have also been to CSS and really liked that beach, but we missed the warm calm waters of CN and being able to float for hours in the ocean.

    You really can't go wrong with either of the resorts. We love them both.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We have been to CTI once, CSS once and 4 times to CN. Love love love the a/n beach there. Foot Traffic does not bother us at all. Generally, the children are at the pink hotels, and don't walk down that far. CSS water is cold, and CTI offers no beach for a/n. The pool area is fun, but we love the beach.

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