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    Default Split CSS and CN?

    We are planning 9/16 - 9/ of 10 that enough time for a split between CN and CSS? Considering the first and last days are travel days, I am wondering if we will be able to get enough out of both resorts...really want the white sand beach of Negril and the romance of CSS. Any tips would be appreciated! Have never been to any Couples Resorts before so I am beginning to fell overwhelmed with these decisions

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    A 10 day split between CSS and CN will be perfect!!! We are doing a 14 day split between CSS and CN next January. This will be our second time dong a CSS/CN split.
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    Be sure to schedule your transfer (included) at 6:00 am so you don't spend all day traveling between resorts. We have done this 3 times (CTI/CN also) and if you leave the first resort at 6:00 am you miss the start of morning traffic in Montego Bay and get to the second resort before 8:30 am.
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    Default CN/CSS Split

    Hi Nanmac1,

    We did this last December, though we did a 10 day CN/4 day CSS split. We're CN loyalists, and just wanted to get a feel for CSS. Wally is right - get your transfer for early AM. You probably won't be able to check into your room at CSS, but at least you'll get there early enough to have breakfast and hit the beach. Here's a link to my review:

    and a link to my video:

    Have fun - the resorts have a totally different feel.


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    We did the CSS/CN transfer on Sunday in February. Left CSS at 9 am and arrived CN 11:45. Traffic was not an issue--no cruise ships that day.

    For a trip longer that 8 days we like to do the split for the change of scenery. Each resort has their own unique charm.

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    Hi. We did the split CSS/CN in January (14 days). We split it even and it was nice. I would think 10 would be enough too.
    We left at 2pm and had the bus to ourselves. Contrary to what we believed, you do not have to leave at 6 am to avoid stopping at the airport.
    We did not have much traffic either. The reason we stayed later at the resort is we were lucky to get the hibiscus cottage and wanted to spend more of our last day at CSS there. We also did not want to wait for hours to get our room at the second resort. When we checked in around 4:30, we went straight to our room. Worked perfect.

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    Thanks for all the tips. We have 2, maybe 3, other couples that we are travelling with....all newbies like us! Would having that many people transferring at once help with not stopping at the airport, if we wanted to leave later than 6am? I just wish it was next week instead of September!! Any thoughts on if a travel agent can arrange the split, or do I have to do it through Couples? Nancy

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    Default The more the merrier

    Hi Nanmac1,

    If you've got multiple couples transferring, I'm sure you won't stop at the airport. There were two couples when we transferred, and we went right through Montego Bay.

    I agree that if you could guarantee the traffic wouldn't be bad, it would be nice to leave later. But, then, it seems to take the entire day to get over to the other resort. Leaving earlier seemed to give us more time to explore the new resort.

    Just don't plan to arrive at CSS between 10 am and noon, expecting to grab breakfast (or lunch for that matter). We got caught in the "no food period", and ended up pretty hungry. When we asked about something to nosh on, they said "order room service". Except we didn't have a room yet, so we couldn't.


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    Nanmac1 ~ A travel agent or Couples direct 800 number can help you with the reservation. FYI ~ if you book through Couples it will be treated like two separate reservations and you will need to put the deposit on each of the reservations.
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    Just to offer a counter opinion....

    We did a "far apart" split once, and would never do it again, regardless of the number of days. In our case, it was between CTI and CN, and we flew between resorts. If you take a taxi or bus, you are looking at 4+ hours of driving, in the middle of your vacation. You burn a day, and all the hassle of packing up, checking out, checking in, unpacking, and finding your rhythm. Instead of one long, relaxing vacation, it felt like two short vacations, both of which were spent trying to find that perfect easy vibe.

    We did do a close split once, between <a non-Couples resort in Negril> and CN, 3+7 for 10 days total. It was a five minute taxi ride, so the "switching time" was short, and we still had 7 full nights at CN, so we had plenty of time to slip back into the beach coma.

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