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    Default Suggestions for gifts for SIL's honeymoon at CSA!

    Hi everyone,

    My sister in law is coming to CSA for her honeymoon in May thanks to mine and my husbands urging! We are SO excited for them to experience it (it will be both of their first times to Jamaica and her soon to be husbands first trip out of the country).

    I've been trying to think of something neat and fun to give them as a gift for them to enjoy while they are in Jamaica. I've considered the private dinner on the beach but I don't think that is something they would really enjoy (plus they are only going to be there for 5 nights).

    They are already getting massages as part of their honeymoon package, and I'm not sure that would be something they would want to repeat.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of a special something I could do, or pay for in advance through the resort, to make their trip even more memorable?

    Thanks all,
    Melea & Joseph
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    Default private dinner

    Hi there,
    I know you've discounted the private dinner, but give it a second thought. You know them the best obviously, but we did that for our honeymoon four years ago and absolutely loved it. We walked down a path of lights to our table, a few feet from the water, lots of moonlight, your own waiter, excellent food. It's something that might not pay for on their own, but my sister bought it for us and I'm glad she did. On subsequent trips, we didn't pay for that, but we're going to CN this Saturday for a week, with $500 resort credits, so we plan to have another private dinner.

    Other than that, perhaps you could call/email the hotel and try to book an excurstion for them perhaps. You could pay to increase their couples massage from a 1/2 hour (included) massage to 1 hour. Just some ideas. :-)
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    Yes, rethink the private's a wonderful experience....also, how about emailing the resort to have Champagne, chocolates/pastries and a floral bouquet waiting for them in their room on arrival....

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    Get them the private dinner, but also make them a mix CD of alternating love songs and Reggae songs. Give it to them before they leave. Talk to the romance concierge and they will arrange a CD player at the private dinner. Then, when they get back home and play the CD it will remind them of Jamaica, Couples, the Private Dinner and you. I did this for my wife and she loved it then and now loves the CD because it brings back so many memories.
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    I think that a trip from MoBay to Negril on TimAir would be the perfect gift. We took the flight for the first time last month and loved it.

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    ust Because Package $79
    Fresh flowers in room upon arrival
    $50 gift certificate for choice of spa treatment
    $25 gift certificate towards gift shop

    From the website under the Honeymoon Tab. They could use the spa gift certificate to upgrade their half hour massage.

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    Hi everyone! Thanks for the suggestions so far! We've done the private dinner and while it was a nice experience, we don't think it will be something they would enjoy. I like the idea of the Tim Air flights but this is husband to be's first time flying ever so I'm not sure that would go over well, either.

    When we were there, we wanted to get the Honeymoon at CSA tshirts they offer in the logo shop but unfortunately they were out of stock. Is there any way to reserve a couple of those to have them waiting in their room along with a personal note from us? Could we mail a note to the resort?

    Those are the types of things I am thinking. I will contact them directly to see.

    I think the best gift would be for us to show up there but unfortunately we just can't make that happen right now.. hehe
    Melea & Joseph
    CN - '06, '07, '08
    CSS and CSA - '09
    CSA - '10

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    Here's a thought....While the resort already offers robes for you during your visit...the couples living website offers the robes for purchase. Something nice to always have to remember this special time.

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    How about a nice bottle of wine? Couples (including SweptAway) has a specialty wine list from which you can select for special occasions (you'll need to pay extra for them)...


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