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    Default Let's Be Honest is Couples really that great?!

    Yess!!!!!We our making our first trip (As I posted in previous posts)April9-14 to CTI and I just want to say that this message board has helped us mentally and physically prepare for our trip I just wanted to thank everyone for their experiences and tips.
    Like I said we cant wait to come home!!!!

    33 days until CTI!!!!

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    I can't read this!
    <font size=2>
    CN 2006, CSS 2009, CN 2009, CN 2010, CTI 2010, CN 2011, CSS 2012, CN 2012, CN 2013, CSA 2014, CN 2014, CSA 2015, CN 2015, CN 2016, CN 2018, CN2019

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    I think the sentiments are nice, but it is hard to read.

    Sorry, but poor choice of colors, lack of contrast with white background makes it difficult to see. I even tried highlighting by selecting the text on screen. No luck. Made out the green letters, can not make out the yellow at all.

    But it sounds like you are happy with CTI?

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    While the type you are using is very colorful, it is very difficult to read
    Thank you in advance for considering changing it

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    Soory All!!! didnt even realize this until I opened it up myself...and yes we are very pleased with couples.....this will become our home away from home as it has become all of yours...sorry about the colors

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    If I understand correctly you haven't been there yet. Personally I always wait to pass judgement on a place till I've personally experienced it. Of course reviews and websites are a good tool for planning.

    Having said all that you should enjoy your trip very much. Try to give us a review when you get back with first hand knowledge, I'm sure you'll like it even better then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverKindofLove View Post
    Soory All!!! didnt even realize this until I opened it up myself...and yes we are very pleased with couples.....this will become our home away from home as it has become all of yours...sorry about the colors
    I totally get that you were trying to do rasta colors. Have fun, and I'm sure Couples will not disappoint!!!

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    Yes indeed,the Couples Resorts are just that good.
    You can find beautiful resorts all over the world but at them you are just another number..The Couples Resorts offer family style service..Service with a genuine smile..The Couples Resorts hosts the world's greatest guests.

    In 2005 the Couples Resorts changed Peggy's and my lives and it was changed for the better...We have now added so many strangers to our dear friends lists.

    So yes,the Couples Resorts are OUTSTANDING.
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    Does a bear $. in the woods?
    Is the Pope Catholic?
    Mulberry bush aside, would a monkey really chase a weasel?
    If God dropped acid would he see people?
    Does a round pizza come in a square box?
    Is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?
    Was someone lazy when the wrote the tune for the alphabet and twinkle twinkle little star?
    If there were less sponges in the ocean would there be more water?
    Do hotcakes sell out fast?
    Do we put our towels in the dirty clothes basket even though when we use them we are clean? The answer is yes for all questions asked...EVEN YOURS

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    Yes, Couples IS that good! Even though I couldn't read the yellow part, it's all good.

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    ORV, Geez don't be a buzz kill!!! They are excited and they appreciate us for all of our posts. Based on these post, "Foreverkindoflove" is picking an awesome resort!!! Congratulations Foreverkindoflove!!!!!
    One Love,

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    I agree Myapapaya....@Orv lets be real I am entitled to say how I feal on my thread,
    So what if I havnt been to couples yet...the threads that I write are my opinions or questions.
    Dont comment if you don't agree.On that note,great day all

    27 Days untill paradise !!!!!!!

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    @ Jamerican I love it lol too funny,never thought about the bra and pantie before

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    I was a little shocked that anyone would bash someone for saying something positive. The trend on the board is getting a bit aggressive if that's the road we are taking now. ForeverKindofLove, I like your positive attitude, you've kind the Jamaican mindset already.

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    I can't speak to any resort, except CN. But, yes, CN really is that great! We have tried some of the other resorts in Jamaica. Each time, we could not help but compare the resort to CN. Each time we decided that, dollar-for-dollar, CN is our favorite resort - period. From the amenities offered, to the people that make your stay so special, CN is the best!

    CN is our hearts' true home. Can't wait for our trip in 2012!

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    If someone uses a color that you cant read take your mouse and highlight their thread...TADA...You can read it. Sometimes gotta use your thinker

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    Couples seem to be the only resorts that allow you to take the foam lounge cushions and use them as floats in the warm Caribbean waters. Others like S only allow it in pools. Pools are nice but I can float in one of those at home. Floating in the warm still turqois waters with the hot Jamaican sun beaming down on you is amazingly relaxing. Ya Mon...the only way to relax.

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