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    As much as we still enjoy going to Feathers in the Great House it does not compare in atmosphere to the old Feathers.
    I agree and also miss the original location which I found more intimate and romantic.

    We sometimes go to the repeaters dinner but more often we skip it. Our stays are only 4 or 5 nights and we enjoy the alone time.

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    Default A must in my opinion

    We have done four, three at CN (two of which we had the priviledge of sitting with Karen the GM) and one at CSA last month. We love going to them and always find it interesting to meet new people from different parts of the world (Canada , USA and the UK. At CSA last month our staff representative could have been invisible as she was so quiet !! She never made an effort to speak to anyone at the table so we excused her to leave before the end of the meal as she just looked so bored ... unlike the rest of the guests who were having a wonderful evening. The wine is always excellent and the food to die for. We were the last table to leave and probably consumed the most wine and it was good to meet up with the guests we had shared dinner with during the remainder of the holiday.

    I think you should go for it ..... your friends have each other and it really is only for a few hours ... you can meet up with them in the bar for drinks afterwards !!

    Helen, UK

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