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    Default Arriving December 5, 2009 @ Negril

    Whose returning to Negril for another great week? Can't wait to get my feet into that soft sand and get on a float! Bob Marley's ready to go????

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    He Gramma Jan, lets meet up at the pool bar, Tami & Mile will be there that week. Can't want!

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    We will be there 7-21Dec for 1st wedding anniversary and to spend quality time with our Couples FAMILY.

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    Your entire trip will be amazing!!! Make reservations for dinner, meet people during the day (if you haven't tried the au natural, please do... everyone from 20-80 are now 21). Walk around and look at the foilage, take pics, ask others to take your pic. While you're there it's amazing, when you get home you won't think of anything else. REALLY, it's that good!

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    I'll be there on the 12-05 with drink in hand and the beach under my feet :0) I'll see there!

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    We will also be arriving on Dec 5th-12th Can't wait!
    Brittany& Sean

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    Nick and I will be there on the 8th. Can't come fast enough!

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    Hey, see you there...We may be a bit tired from the race. Paradise will soon come!

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    Don and Val will be at CN from the 8-18 Dec. Looking forward to meeting as many people as we can during our stay.

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    Hello, we are arriving on 12/6. Our first time to CN, but 5th time to Jamaica! Anxious to see how much of the highway has been completed in 10 years!!! Can't wait for the sun and sand! We're from South Dakota and will be at CN from 12/6-12/13.

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