We just left Couples Negril on Thursday, having to cut our trip short due to my getting ill while there on vacation. I had an allergic asthmatic reaction to something and found myself unable to breathe on Wednesday night. My husband and I were both very scared and my husband called the nurse. I was unable to breathe, and could not get to the nurse's station on my own. As a result, she came to our room with oxygen and managed to get me into a golf cart and back down to the nurse's station for further evalaution. The nurse, Keneisha, was so calm and professional, and VERY helpful. She called the doctor who came to the resort. He gave me some steroid injections and a couple of breathing treatments. That seemed to get me over the hump. The doctor suggested that I go to the hospital in Montego Bay, but because the hospital would not accept our insurance, and services would have to be paid for at the time they were rendered, we opted to fly home early. We took a chance, but made it home. We just want to thank Keneisha for EVERYTHING she did, from bringing us food back to the room the night of the "incident" and sitting with us until I was settled in, to returning first thing in the morning to take my vitals and check on me. She also saw that we both got breakfast in our room before we left on our return trip home. She is truly a wonderful kind and skilled nurse and the resort is fortunate to have her.

Also, the Front Desk staff called the room a couple of times first thing on Thursday morning to check on us, and to see if there was anything we needed.