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    I'm coming on my honeymoon in July. I was wondering if anyone had comments on the shuttle ride from Montego Bay airport to CSA, regarding travel time and problems some may or may not have encountered.

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    I like the shuttle ride from Montego Bay. The van is nice and comfortable and you get to meet and talk to other Couples guests. You may get a driver who likes to tell you interesting info about the island. The trip is about 1 1/2 hr. ride. If everyone wants to stop on the way, you can but I always vote for "Let's get to the resort". One year, we made friends with four couples on the shuttle and we had a blast together all the rest of the week.

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    We have ALWAYS made acquaintence with our fellow paradise-bound travellers, save one time, when we took the air shuttle.

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    I too like the ride you get to see all the little towns and villages as you ride through, a great feel for the culture and the people and if oyu have a good driver you get a good education along the way.
    Erika & Sean

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    Last month we had a great driver. This was our 5th trip to Negril and I learnt a few things I hadn't heard before. Last year we had a driver who talked on his cell the whole way. It just depends on who you get but its the final destination that counts. It is a scenic drive and with a lot of the road construction finished in MoBay a bit shorter than in the past.

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