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    Default sunset bar?

    What is the sunset bar?... I've read a couple of posts and some of them talk about the bar being located at the rockhouse hotel and others at the caves hotel property. Does anyone know where the sunset bar is? Thanks!

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    The Sunset Bar @ CSA is on the property. Razzl

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    The sunset bar is The Pushcart right next to the Rockhouse and I believe it's owned by the Rockhouse too.

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    The Sands is the name of the bar at The Caves Resort. It's open to the public certain hours of the day and I believe CSA may have an excursion there one day week for sunset watching.

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    The sunset bar trip that the Negril resorts (CN and SweptAway) provide is out on the Cliffs... I believe it is at The Sands, a restaurant/bar near Rockhouse and Rick's.

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    ok really confused now... thought there was a complementary shuttle to a sunset bar.... is that something different?

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    In Dec 2010 from CN the sunset bar trip was a free shuttle to The Pushcart (next to The Rockhouse)on the cliffs

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    Years ago, the shuttle was to Rick's. Of late, its been to The Sands, at least it was last year. I'm assuming it still is.

    Now there IS a beach bar on SweptAway's stretch of beach that is known by many as the Sunset Bar...

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