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    Default Nick&Myra - 5/9/11

    This will be our first time in Jamaica! Have been doing the research and we are so looking forward to this trip! Would love to see who else is tying the knot on the week we are there. We'll be there 5/5 - 5/12.

    We are thinking simple at this point, but we're still really working with the wedding coordinator for Monday. The Sunset Package is tempting. Any recommendations you guys have are welcome!

    We are fun, modern, suburban dwellers with full careers and professional lives spent in downtown, Philly. We have a city-paced lifestyle and in our mid-late 30's. Looking forward to the next chapters of our lives as newly weds!

    Cheers! We'd love to hear from all of you!

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    Congratulations and welcome to the forum

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