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    Default Question about transportation

    Hi All - We are staying at CSS and then moving to CSA...

    I was just wondering how do we get from CSS to CSA and does couples provide this or do we have to set it up on our own?


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    Couples will arrange and pay for it for you. Just go to the front desk the day before your transfer and tell them what time you'd like to leave. If you leave by 6:00 am, you can make the trip in a little over 2 hours. If you leave at 6:30, the trip will take a little over 2 1/2 hours because the traffic in Montego Bay will be picking up when you go through there. If you leave after 7:00 you will probably add another half hour to the trip due to the traffic in Montego Bay. If you leave in the afternoon, you may have to stop at the airport to drop off and pick up other guests and the transfer could take 5-6 hours.
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    My understanding is this... for transfers between the OchoRios resorts and the Negril resorts (or vs), the Couples-provided driver will take you first to the airport at MoBay, where you will take on new passengers on their way to the resorts. You might be transferred to another bus, depending on where you're transfer is headed (be sure to pay attention!). Then you will accompany a group of very happy vacationers to their paradise destination.


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